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C x I x D Owl Wings

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mother of god ~!
Damn they are amazing!

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Well I'm at a loss for words, so I guess I'll just say this is fucking marvelous. I adore the style of your artwork!!!
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no fair, i was gonna do that, anyways (df rating 6/6)
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May i put this on my profile for inspiration to my next tattoo??? :O
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holy! wow! That's amazing!:D
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woww this work really speaks to me ... since I just adore owls .. I even think of myself as an owl sometimes .. I know I am weird .. but the fact its holding a class casket with a wasp in it .. or at least i think it is a wasp..

You see my biggest fear is wasps and that is why I love this work ... Like the owl IS protecting:P
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Ahh my favourite artist !!! Edward Miller :)
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The simmetry is amazing! How much time it takes?
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awesome work nice tattoo
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What are those"pens" with the green back tips called? Or are they just eraser pens? If so I need to get me some.

Outstanding job!:clap:
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did you made a contract with the devil? XD
I love the eyes. It's like the owl sees into me and knows what i'm hiding :)
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My friend drew something just like this and colored it
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It almost looks like family emblem in a way :D
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That's amazing.
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