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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1 - Poster


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Recently i sat down and watched all 8 of these films, and it's something i should have done a while ago. It was a series that i was always interested in seeing but never really went out of my way to watch them, and now i'm really glad that i did. These are just really great films that i loved watching the entire time. If you're curious as to what i rank them as, here's my list in order of their number: 5, 3, 4, 8, 2, 7, 1, 6. What's your order?

Let me know what you think of this design!


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You seem to be as deep as ever in your work with the movie poster work here Edward and big applause to your levels of genre and little moments you capture in every film.

That itself takes a very keen eye but just as well you have to see and understand the whole movie itself to try and pick something VERY important to pick out from the whole thing that others will look to that shook them.

Here I can easily see Harry Potter and his friends entering Ron's house here and heck that awkward shading and coloring of the scenery definitely brings back memories of when first seeing this movie and the previews too showing off a dark and uncertain movie.  The movie too if I recall had some much darker undertones then the previous ones and heck Serious Black was an awesome character!

Quite impressed though how skilled you are making such small pictures look so detailed like you can easily see the difference of clothing, size and even the walking cycle of each person, that's insane!  The very, very dim overhanging city in the background outside the black building we see in the middle and the birds flying off the edge there definitely show something very ominous about all of this, I love it.

Just as well enjoy seeing the font work your able to put in and just seeing the way the whole image feels so very grainy and faded, like this was in fact an old movie poster I dug out from some shop.  That's one thing that always draws a movie fan like me to movie is unique posters like this that almost trick you pondering what the hell is going on and just leaving you on that edge.

In short, great poster Edward!

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Wow, i cannot describe how you always make me feel so humbled and grateful in your posts.

I don't think i've ever come across someone who's taken as much time to really let me know how my artwork makes them feel.

I'm incredibly thankful for your support and love and it means the world to me!
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No problem at all edward, you definitely earn some big applause for all your fantastic work on your poster work.  And sorry this reply is do damn late getting back to you, just now I've finally got a chance to catch up on the DA, lol.