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Alien: Isolation - Minimalist Poster


Want a poster made just for you? Drop a comment or send me a note for further details!

I want so excited for this game. Although i am unsure if i'll be able to get it, i still am really looking forward to it. Let me know what you think of this! I could have went into more detail with the layers and making the outline of the Alien in the helmet, but i like the way it is.

I don't put watermarks on my posters because i prefer it that way, so please be kind and if you choose to share this on other sites, please credit my name to your post. Thank you, i greatly appreciate it.

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For business related & commission questions, email me at:
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Alien for life. 
JeditheSciFiFreak's avatar
I freaking love this game! :D (Big Grin) 
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hey, can i use this in my new online magazine? i'll give you all the credit of course :)
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Absolutely! Thank you for taking an interest in my art! :)
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Thanks! :D yeah, no problem! and keep up the great work!
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This game is actually amazingly terrifying XD
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I want it so baddddd
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:D trust me its good i played it at egx! 
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Can I use this in a thumbnail for and Alien isolation playthrough?
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Yes you may! If you'd like to, you can also credit me in the description bar, i'd really appreciate it! :)

You're actually the first person to ask permission to use my artwork for YouTube
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Yeah no problem. I usually mention that I'll link back here haha sorry about that.
Keep up the good work.
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Thanks! And thank you for the other comment, favorites and watch!! I really appreciate it :)
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This game is gonna be so freaking creepy!
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this one is cool and a bit different from ur standard design. might pick it up for a friend
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Awesome!! I'd greatly appreciate it :)
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Excellent! Captures the whole theme of Alien so perfectly, too.
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Thank you!!

By the way, when will you be able to get the Vampire Batman print?
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