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    Kilead Village is a mysterious place. Ruled by a mean and paranoid leader, most of the inhabitants lived their unwillingly; usually after getting lost and going there by mistake, or travelers in need of supplies who were unaware of the consequences of going in there. Few have ever made it out, which meant that Mr. Farfetch'd was very very lucky. The villagers lived decently... if they served well first.
    One of the residents was a mean scientist Patrat, was currently in his laboratory working on his latest project. His assistant, an unwilling Rockruff, came in. "It was difficult to sneak past the guards, but I got it", he said, as he produced a canister on the table. "The expensive drink from Moonbright village."
    "Excellent work", replied Patrat, as he picked up the canister. "You'll eat tonight after all."
    "If I may ask sir, what exactly is it?" inquired Rockruff.
    "Well, I got word that some 'genius' child created this drink, and it's being sold for a lot. In theory, it's a permanent method to keep a Pokemon from evolving; I doubt it works, but if I can reverse engineer it, recreate it, and then claim it as my own, I could sell this scam myself at the Central Food Spot. Eventually, I'll make enough money to bribe the guards and leave this terrible place..."

    A few days later, Dr. Patrat finally figured out the ingredients, and after a few days of Rockruff finding everstones, he put his plan into action; selling cups of the drink at 400 Poke each. One of the first customers was a Marill, who came there with his friend Psyduck. He dropped his money on the counter.
    "One cup of the new stuff, and one of Pecha berry juice please." After the cashier handed him the drinks, he went back to the table where Psyduck was already sitting down. "Here you go!" he said as he handed the cup of Pecha juice to his friend.
    "Huh? You just walked up? When did you leave?" asked Psyduck, confused.
    "Remember? I said I'd bring you this after you said you were thirsty."
    "I did? In that case thanks", replied Psyduck. "I'm sorry, I don't remember. This pain in my head is agony!"
    "I'm really sorry", said Marill. "I promise, someday you'll evolve into Golduck, and your nightmare will be over." He looked down at the table, sad. "And maybe someday I'll leave this place", he whispered to himself.
    Memories flashed through his head, as he remembered his childhood when he was just an Azurill, when his father, an Azumarill told him about someday he'd look just like him, but he didn't want to. But thankfully no longer he thought Not if this works- "Hey, where'd my cup go?" he panicked as he snapped back to reality and frantically reached around the table, trying to find it. Turning to the left of him, his eyes widened in horror.
    "No, Psyduck! That's the wrong drink!" He took the cup away from Psyduck as he sipped it with his beak, but it was too late...

    Later that day, officers from Moonbright Village searched through the woods, trying to find out what had happened when Mr. Farfteche'd cut through the woods when making his escape. "I don't think we're going to find any clues." said a Drowzee.
    "You may be right", replied a Magnemite, his partner. "Maybe this isn't the right part of the woods? Wait do you hear something?"
    Leaves rustled as the two guards stood ready when Psyduck emerged from behind a bush. "Please... help me..." he begged. "It hurts!"
    The duo rushed him to Chansey's clinic right away. They both knew that it was normal for a Psyduck to be in a constant headache, but they thought that if they could act kind to him it might help him feel not lonely. Even more so if he was reassured that the pain would go away when he evolved. But when they got there, bad news came in.
    Psyduck sat on the bed, hands on his head in pain like normal. "Where... where am I?"
    "Wha? We just told you, we brought you here to the clinic", said Drowzee. Chansey gave him a check-up, and everything seemed normal for a Psyduck... until she got to the X-ray.
    "Uh oh... this isn't good..." she said.
    "What isn't? What's wrong with him?"
    "There is dust from an everstone engrained in his body. It's minimal, but it'll stop him from ever evolving!"
    "That's bad!" said Magnemite. "But wait, how is that possible?"
    "I've seen this before," said Chansey. "It's how Anti-Evolve Solution works. But I doubt that a Psyduck would ever drink it on purpose- he must've either been confused and drank it by mistake, or he got it in him some other way, but I find that unlikely."
    "What is Anti-Evolve Solution?" inquired Drowzee. "I think I've heard of it before, but I don't know what it is."
    "It's a drink that the Cafe started selling about a month ago", explained Chansey. "It was created by a young Mudkip who didn't want to evolve. It's expensive, but its effect is permanent, so you'll only ever have to order it once. Well unless you're like me, and you have to buy it twice because some thieving kid-"
    "Sorry to interrupt, but is there any way to reverse it?" Magnemite asked.
    "You'll have to talk to its creator, Edward the Mudkip. He created it, so if anyone knows how to reverse it, it'll be him." As Drowzee stayed behind to try and comfort the Psyduck, Magnemite went to Edward's house to ask about reversing it.
    "I'm very sorry officer..." began Edward. "But I made sure it's effect was permanent so Pokemon who think like me would no longer have to worry. If you've dranken it, there's no way back."
    "I'm not asking about myself", said Magnemite. "I've never had any, although I admit I'll be considering it now that I know it exists. I'm asking because it was accidentally dranken by a Psyduck, and now he'll never evolve." 
    "But wait, if that's true. Then that means he'll never snap out of his headache and... what have I done?!" Edward cried.
    "Don't feel bad, it's not your fault." After the officer left, Edward quickly went to work on another drink; he knew he couldn't reverse the Anti-Evolve Solution, but maybe if he could fix the consequences of this case, he'd feel better.
    Around an hour later, he arrived at Chansey's with his finished product. "Ah yes, Edward", began Assistant Cinnicico. "Chansey's current patient, a Psyduck just mentioned that you were coming."
    "He did?" asked Edward confused. He then remembered that they possessed very potent psychic powers, even if they forget the fact that they've used them afterwards. He walked into the room and handed the cup to Psyduck. "Here, try this please." I really hope this works he thought as he sipped it down his beak.
    Suddenly, Psyduck shook his head violently, before stopping and looked around the room. First at Chansey, and then at Edward. "Let's see... I remember the trip to the Central Food Spot, and running out afterwards..." he started to smile. For the first time in his life, he could actually think clearly! He reached forward and hugged Edward. "Thank you..." he whispered, crying tears of joy.
    "I'm very sorry..." said Edward. "This is all my fault..."
    "Don't be!" replied Psyduck. "I'd have only liked evolving into Golduck for relief, but I hate how they look! You've given me the best of both worlds- thank you!"
    "Where did you come from?" asked Chansey.
    "Let's see... I was in Kilead Village, and my friend gave me a different drink, but I got them mixed up. I don't know how, but somehow I just knew to come here."
    "That's good! Wait, you're Kileadian?" Chansey inquired. "How did you make it past the guards?"
    "I don't remember... but what I do remember is that I don't want to go back. Things were terrible there, and I couldn't leave. Yet somehow, I did this time. Maybe I used the power that Marill said I used sometimes that I could never remember..." he said. "He was a good friend; hopefully I can go back to get him someday, but for now is there any place I can stay?"
    "I'm afraid there aren't any vacant houses at the moment..." began Edward. "But I could use a roommate!" After Psyduck was checked out by Cinnicico, he went to his new home with his new friend...
    Meanwhile in Dr. Patrat's laboratory...
    Rockruff walked in dragging a fainted green Mudkip. "Here you go sir, I've captured the creator of the drink."
    "Very good", replied Patrat, who walked up to the Mudkip, who was just waking up. "So, you're the inventor, eh?"
    "Huh? I'm not an inventor; I sell desserts." After more questioning, Dr. Patrat realized that it wasn't the right Mudkip.
    "Hmm... this can't be him. Rockruff, how could dare make such a mistake?!"
    "But sir, you just told me he was an oddly colored Mukip; you didn't say what color."
    "Don't you snap at me! It looks like you don't eat tonight after all. Now lock him up! He's already seen too much!" Rockruff started dragging him twords the end of the jab with prision cells.
    "No! Please! I promise I won't tell anyone..."
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Why do I get the feeling that Rockruff will be like one of those secondary villains who gets betrayed by the primary one, and joins the hero's side?