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    It was late at night and everything was peaceful. In his home sat Edward, an oddly colored Mudkip, studying for a test at school the next week. Suddenly, he heard what sounded like a thump from outside. "Ouch!" Someone was outside!
    Edward walked out the door and snuck out to the back of the house, where he saw a Charmander lying on the ground. "Are you okay?" asked Edward.
    The Charmander picked himself up, brushing off. "You! What are the answers?!" he demanded.
    "What answers?"
    "The test answers! I know you know them! Your textbook has the answers in it!" That wasn't true, of course. Nobody's textbooks actually had the answers in it. If they did, Edward could've just memorized them instead of having to study, which he suspected was what Charmander was trying to do.
    "Um, no it doesn't. And if it did, I probably wouldn't use them or give them to you. I don't wanna cheat!"
    "No!" insisted Charmander. "I know that you have them, and if you don't give them to me, I'll take the book by force!" At this point, Edward was quite confused. He realized this was the same Charmander who bullied others into giving him their food at lunch, but he thought he was smarter than he seemed. But now he had multiple things wrong...
    "First of all, nobody's textbooks have the answers, except for the teacher's. I don't know why you think mine would have them. Second of all, I don't think you could take it by force either way. You're at a huge disadvantage here-"
    "How dare you insult me! You'll face my anger, and I'll leave you fainted here while I take your book for good!"
Five seconds later:
    "You should've listened to me", Edward said to the unconscious fire type. "As a Mudkip I'm a water type. We just learned about type matchups in school last week! It's clear you don't pay attention...." Being kind, Edward decided to drop Charmander off at Chansey's clinic. Being too heavy to carry, he dragged Charmander by his now burnt out tail. After he got there, he explained to the Cinccino secretary what happened.
    "I'm really sorry..." he said, upset at what he had to do.
    "It's okay Edward, it was in self-defense", Cinccino assured him. "You said he hit you with ember? Do you want Chansey to look at you?"
    "No thanks, I'm fine. It wasn't very effective."
    "Alright, if you're sure. By the way, it looks like you're almost to level 15."
    "Really?" asked Edward. Knocking out Charmander must've made him grow a little.
    "Yeah! Once you grow to level 15, you'll evolve into a Marshtomp."
    "Hmm... a Marshtomp eh?"
    The next day was Saturday, and with no school Edward decided to talk to a Marshtomp, to see what being one was like. He had seen one around the village, but he didn't know where he lived. He walked to the cafe and ordered a donut for breakfast. As he was looking for a place to sit down, he saw Marshtomp in the other side of the room. Huh, how lucky he thought.
    "Hi, I'm Edward", he greeted. "I'm supposed to evolve into a Marshtomp soon."
    The Marshtomp looked up. "Hmm... well that's too bad," he said.
    "Why is that?" inquired Edward. "You gain multiple advantages."
    "That may be true, but the good doesn't outway the bad," he explained. "This new body was really hard to learn to live with, and I still don't like it. I preferred being small, and I'm not nearly as cute anymore. Trust me, kid, you'll want to find an everstone, and hold on to it tight."
    "Oh... I'm sorry to hear it's not that good. Where do I find an everstone?"
    Marshtomp had to think for a moment but eventually remembered. "I think that the cave on the west border of the village has some in it," he explained.
    "Thank you!" said Edward. "I'll go there and look for one right away."
    "One more thing...", Marshtomp started. "Could you do me a favor and find a second one if you can. I really don't want to evolve into Swampert."
    Edward traveled to the cave Marshtomp specified and went in until the very end. Just when he was about to give up, he found one! He was happy... for a moment. There wasn't another one, and it would probably be a while before more generated again. This upset him. He really wanted to thank Marshtomp for the advice. He decided to go home with his single everstone. Maybe he'd find one somewhere else, or in the cave again after a while. When he exited the cave though, he was ambushed by Charmander!
    "Got you! You'll pay for what you did to me!"
    "No!" shouted Edward. "This has gone on long enough! I did what I had to, and I brought you to Chansey to be revived, didn't I? At any rate, if you attack me again, what makes you think I won't beat you in a single shot with my water gun like last time?"
    Charmander contemplated this for a moment, before realizing he was right. "Very well. I'll leave you alone... for now. Someday though, I'll evolve into Charmeleon, and you won't be able to take me then."
    "Actually, I still could-"
    "SHUT UP!" shouted Charmander, who walked away, clearly upset.
    Well, at least I won't have to worry about him for a while. thought Edward. I know! I could ask Farfetch'd, he might know where to find another one. After looking in the village, Edward eventually found him in the plaza.
    "Hi Edward, do you need something?" he asked. "Most students don't normally seek out their teachers on the weekend."
    "Mr. Farfetch'd, after consideration, I've decided not to evolve, but I met someone who doesn't want to evolve either, but I only found one everstone, and the cave is fresh out. Do you know where I can find more?"
    "I'm afraid there aren't any other places around the village where they appear, but you might be able to share yours."
    "How could we do that? It's not like we could both hold it at the same time."
    "No, but only a fraction of an everstone is what's actually needed to prevent evolution. In fact, you could even grind it into powder and share that. I wouldn't recommend sharing it as powder though..."
    "Why not?"
    "Well because it would basically be dust. If you drop it you could accidentally inhale or swallow it. If that happened, you'd be stuck not being able to evolve forever. So you couldn't change your mind anymore", Farfetch'd explained.
    "Oh really... that gives me an idea. Thanks for the help Mr. Farfetch'd!"
    "Anytime Edward, I'll see you in class on Monday."
    Edward went home and prepared to enact his plan. He was positive that he never wanted to evolve. He went to his kitchen with the everstone and got out a large bowl and whisk. First, he crushed up several oran berries, then a few apples, and mixed the two together. After which, he dropped the everstone in and started crushing it up into a fine powder. He mixed it all up with a spoon until it was ready.
    "It's done!" he said, talking to himself. He got out a ladle and put some of it into a cup, drinking it all up. It was delicious, and he could barely feel the powdered everstone sliding down his throat. "I've done it. I'll never have to evolve now!"
    The next day he put his drink (which he'd named the "Anti-Evolve Solution") into a container he could carry and met with Marshtomp at the plaza. "So you're saying that all I have to do is drink a small glass of this stuff, and it'll keep me from evolving forever?" inquired Marshtomp.
    "Yep!" assured Edward. "It's easy, tasty, and you won't have to carry around an everstone forever!" Edward poured some into a cup, and Marshtomp drank it all.
    "That was delicious!" he complimented. "You've saved me from a burden. Thank you!"
    "It was no problem, I'm happy to have helped!" Edward said.
    "You know... if you sold what was left of the drink, you could probably make some good money", suggested Marshtomp. "Although most Pokemon want to evolve, there's plenty who don't."
    "That's a good idea!" Edward replied. "Thanks!" Edward put a little bit of it in a cup with a lid, so he could save it for a friend he thought might not want to evolve either. After which, he went to the cafe with the rest of it, and negotiated a deal with the owner of the cafe. "You'd have to put a warning with it, and encourage the interested customers to seriously think about their decision before drinking it since it's permanent", he explained.
    "Of course, but you're asking a pretty high price. One thousand Pok just for the batch?" asked Kangaskhan, the owner.
    "Everstones are pretty rare, as they only generate a few times a year", Edward explained. "You could sell it for a price to balance this out, and I could make more to sell to you when more everstones come."
    "Sounds fair to me!" answered Kangaskhan. "You have a deal!"
    A week later, multiple Pokemon in the village were buying cups of Anti-Evolve Solution, deciding they didn't want to evolve. Charmander decided to go to the cafe for breakfast and saw the sign for a new drink being sold. He didn't read the name, but just the price. "Two hundred Poké for just a small cup?! That price is so outrageous, it must be really good! I don't have that much, but I'll let someone else worry about that!" He raced into the cafe and to the main counter, where Chansey just happened to be getting one. But right after she picked it up, Charmander swiped it from her.
    "Please don't!" begged Chansey. "It's expensive!" Charmander didn't care though, as he gulped it all down, never to become a Charmeleon like he wanted...

    The end.
Just a short story that explains why I don't evolve. 
Edit: Updated description to reflect the fact that I am no longer working on "A Huge Change".
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