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Lilith Digitalis

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Name: Lilith Digitalis
Race: demon fox
Age: 19
Eyes: brown/blue to red tint
Specials: earring, holy burn on left arm, hell burns on face.
Power: holy, hell light, seeing past, present, and further, and shape shift (other powers she keeps for her own good)
Interest: doing her job, Jacob (sometimes) food fighting.
Dislikes: fighting, leavening something unfinished, Jacob (sometimes again>^_^) and her life.

Lilith was and still is a noblewoman to the eyes of other demons. Unlike Nightshade the fox or other tribes of animals Lilith comes form a high demon family that took it upon themselves to look like other animals, and people to hide themselves this was centuries before any changes in races and animals. Later wars showed societies just who and what they are some stay in there hidden forms just for the looks and for their power to stay low. Lilith’s family consists with an older sister name Dinah her older brother Vicious and her mother and father Alexander and Morgan Digitalis. She was banshee from the demon society for using holy power; holy power if forbidden in their borders for it can only be use in war. In doing so she has suffer a long lasting affect on her left arm a white grey dyeing the fur and can not stop the power lock on the same arm. Seeing on how they need to get rid of the child at the age of 8 she was exiled form her family and her people after using her power to save the very people she loved , the society took it upon them selves to at leas let the child be clean up before she was banished. A piercing of a ring on her right ear shows that she can never go back to her home. She meet Jacob (a.k.a unborn) at the age of 9 he allowed her to live on a colony with his kind and trained with them for 10 years. The stone she later put with her exile ring is a shard of an emerald she found that may be a key to save her from her own power.

Her powers of foresight cause her pain and sometimes madness for she didn’t get a chance to lean it properly from her demon kind. Her love for Jacob came lather on in her years. Her hate for her kind still burns but she dose not hate them for banishing her but for not taking their way for other wars and for how weak her kind truly are.
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i know alot of info on one pic well thisgal for for a thing im in wiht for a freind i might get some comic seen up fom the comic this gal is in