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The Cupcake Chronicles Comic Chapter 1.1 by Edward256

So I thought I'd try to make prints out of this picture, and I rendered out every single aspect ratio according to this table. After some days of rendering, I added them all to their respective aspect entry (and something extra for postcards). A day or so later I return and find that at least half of these uploads have gone missing. I try uploading the missing pieces one at a time and check back in a few minutes, and find that some specific files that I've uploaded disappear.

I had thought to maybe do a batch like this for other pieces of my art, but if I can't upload all aspect ratios, then I'm not sure if I want to enable prints at all. And I don't have a 36" printer or plastic binding machine at hand so I can't make it a private business either. I know there are other sites for selling large prints out there, but I don't feel popular enough to make it a regular business. And I don't feel like I can keep up the "maintenance" of an account.
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