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I am now doing a Questions & Answers, or Ask Me Anything.
However, these will be answered on YouTube,
but you dAers are welcome to participate.

There are also rules to this Q&A:
  • People are to post ONE question each session
  • I'll be answering 10 questions each session
  • Be sure to check the archives so you don't post duplicate questions
  • Enter your Profile URL instead of a name (for a more personal answer)
  • Do NOT put your questions in the Comments! Use the link below.
With that, Ask Away!

So I was thinking a bit... And I'd like to know what you think... Should I post these comics here as well, in the following format?

Let me know in the comments below.
Thought I'd give some reasons to my low activity.

One of the reasons is that I don't draw a lot.
I'm more of a builder.
Therefore I build levels in various games and engines.

Sometimes the thing I build has a
certain beauty to it worthy to be on DA.
This inspires me to construct a screenshot
as seen with the Cosy Birthday.

I also like making videos
which end up on YouTube.

Another reason why I don't come here more often
is because I never get any emails from here.
No Watch or Comment notifications.

It is thanks to these kinds of emails
that I visit a site more often.

I've checked and double checked my email
and still I don't receive anything.

When I do visit the site
I find I have 20 new messages.
Messages varying from watches
to badges to offers.

Well, I think the biggest reason would be
I mostly make things that move
and don't feel it is suited here.

But when I can think of a nice still worthy of DA
it will come here.