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That time of year
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Best time of the year!
Just a shame it has to be so cold. :XD: revamp

Oh and yeah, not to brag or anything, but one day me and a friend went up a slippery slope. He had spiked shoes, I did not; he slipped and I did not.

Oh, and despite the scarves, it is not my intent to make the Buchanans seem superior to the Watsons. I'm part both clans. ;)

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SeleufEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shoe spikes have sometimes helped me, if there really is a lot of ice and snow to step on, but the second I step on regular pavement I start wobbling all over those jutting points and fearing for my ankles, and the second I go inside a shop or something I'm going to fall down, so I try instead to just have good boots with traction and step carefully.

Plus I hate getting my hands dirty, especially when I can't go wash them right away, but that's exactly what happens when I put on and take off the shoe spikes...
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TheFluffParticle|Hobbyist General Artist
I usually find spikey shoe things more slippery. :v
Still funny though. : P
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Pegajen|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish we received enough moisture here to for me be able to slide like that, because I totally would. XD
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