Never Alone
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Well, I just completed my very first Source Filmmaker Pony Music Video: Never Alone by TheDashDub
And I present it with the following wallpaper!

For those who wonder, yes, Scootaloo is missing her Cutie Mark and this is intentional simply because the song was created long before that magical moment, and so was my image when I listened to this song in 2013/2014. I'd like to place this sometime just after 3x06 Sleepless in Ponyville. I hope you can look past that detail and enjoy my second SFM animation. That's right, no other practice since my first uploaded SFM animation.

This took me a few weeks to animate and close to a thousand hours to render. Why? Simply because I'm not happy with the motion blur method used in SFM so I rendered it all at 300 fps and applied a lot of Temperal Smoothing. If only SFM had Maya's "Smear Bluring" rather than "Frame Merging". Or at the very least, allow me to set how many sub-frames to use or how long it should stretch.

Original song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze9wH3…
Artwork that may have inspired me: :thumb305313396:

Walk and Run cycles: :iconjayriavieock: :iconargodaemon:
Models: :iconponinnahka: :iconaeridiccore: :iconjuicedane:

MLP is © Hasbro, DHX and :iconfyre-flye:

Animation featured on EqD's Nightly Roundup
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Seleuf|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Dakota4644|Student Filmographer
Looks good :)
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Dakota4644|Student Filmographer
No probs :b
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