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Jedi Knight: Derp Forces II

By Edward256
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Wonder which is more worrysome... That ponies may invade this game, this is the best they'll look under the limits of the game engine, or that Derpy's weilding a Concussion Rifle?

So there's this event on Equestria Daily that prompted me to ruin one childhood with the more current childhood. XD

You can read about the game here:…

All models and textures except the pon belong to Lucasarts.
Pony model created by yours truely by "tracing" a model from Nahka.
Totally in-game screencap. ;D

Jedi Knight is © Lucasarts
MLP is © Hasbro, DHX and :iconfyre-flye:
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Image (4) by RSD500  Dat graphics...
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ikr? good ol' 1997. :)