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It's a Pyrate's Life for Me!
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Super Detailed Greyhound by Edward-Smee, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Traditional Art
  • July 6, 1992
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My Bio
I'm a pirate at heart. Not because I love pirates. But because I feel the call of the sea and the lust for adventure...

:iconsmeeplz: :iconsaysplz: A pirate's life for me!

Oh there's Sober Men a Plenty and Drunkards barely 20
There are men of over 90 who have never yet kissed a girl
But give me a Rambling Rover, From Orkney down to Dover
We'll roam the Country over and Together We'll face the World
There's Many that Feign Enjoyment From Merciless Employment
And their Ambition was this deployment from the minute they Left the School
And they save and Scrape and ponder, while the rest go out and squander
See the world and Rove and wander, and are Happier as a Rule

Kind friends and Companions, Come join me in ryme,
Come lift up your voices in chorus with mine
Let us drink and Be Merry all grief to refrain,
For we may or might never all meet here again
So here's a health to the wee lass that I love so well
for style and for beauty, there's none can excell
There's a smile on her countenance as she sits on my knee
Sure there's no-one in the wide world, as happy as me
My ship lies at harbor, she's ready to dock,
I wish her safe landing without any shock
And if I ever we meet again by land or by sea
I will always remember your kindness to me
My footsteps may falter, my wit it might fail,
My course may be challenged by a November gale
And if Fortune shall prove to be friend or be foe
You will Always be with me, Wherever I go
So Here's a Health to the All of you if I've named you not
Do not think for a Moment it's because you're forgot
I will Treasure the Memories as I call you my friend
And I hope that one day very soon, We'll all meet again
So here's a health to the Company and one for my lass
Let us drink and be Merry all out of one glass
Let us drink and be Merry all Grief to Refrain
For we may or might never, all meet here again

Favourite Visual Artist
Howard Pyle and Don Maitz
Favourite Movies
Treasure Planet, Pirates of the Carribbean Saga, Cutthroat Island, Roman Polanski's Pirates,
Favourite TV Shows
Avatar the Last Airbender, Pirate Master, One Piece, The Legend of Korra, Black Sails
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Pyrates Royale, Coldplay, The Goo Goo Dolls, Rillian and the Doxie Chicks, The Jolly Rogers, The Pirates Charles, Alestorm
Favourite Books
Isle of Swords, The Angel's Command, One Piece, Destiny's Hand
Favourite Writers
Anyone who can write a good adventure
Favourite Games
Pirates of the Burning Sea, Monkey Island series, Tropico 2 Pirate Cove, Treasure Planet Battle at Procyon, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
pencil, paper, eraser, ruler, colored pencils, Inspiration and Imagination! Camera cutlass, pistol, cannon...
Other Interests
pirates, anime, acting, legos, reading, Great Lakes Medieval Faire, Historical Re-enactment, History, Baroque era, 17th Century fashion and ships Fuedal Japan and Samurai, Ancient Egypt, Atlantis Robin Hood and King Aurther Myths,
I'm Finally Published! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096WPRSSF please go support me! short story is 10 bucks!
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I can officially say, That I know when, and under what circumstances, I know the pettiest I have ever been, and am most satisfied. I ask my fallowers to read this, and consider yourselves warned when dealing with these groups, and individuals. PiratesAhoy https://www.deviantart.com/piratesahoy/ refused to accept my submissions featuring a female African Irish Pirate Captain, and refused to offer explanations, or context. I reached out to see why, and had my messages to the group blocked, and my comments on the Page hidden. Apparently I am not the only person whom the mods have done this too. Well, you just lost a good percentage of your gallery. I accounted for 90% of your literature Submissions, half of your ships gallery, and 3 and four pages worth of pieces in two of your other galleries. Be a mod, not an asshole next time. Given how much I've taken back, I can't help but feel smug, and satisfied. oops. On the other hand, theLadyBarbossa
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I just lost a whole fucking song I wrote because of an accidental swipe on my phone. Fuck the DA app. Goddamnit. They need to fucking fix the submission process on it. So goddamn livid right now.
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Do you do point commissions? I don't know if I ask you that.

I guess. I'd prefer cash honestly. what were you looking to get?

I was hoping for a drawing of a ship to ship battle between a pirate ship with Crash Bandicoot's skull on the sail & a governor ship with Super Mario's symbol on the sail.

what kind of ship? my style is more realistic, but I did do a One Peice style ship as a trade once. Also, if I do this in a more realistic style, are we looking for more 18th century ships? or earlier 17th century which are more like galleons. those are more my forte.

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You a Star Wars fan Captain?

Most Certainly. favorite part is the mmo, Star Wars the Old Republic.

Oh good! Would you be interested in reading my ongoing Star Wars fanfiction series? It's set in the old canon (Legends).