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By edvordo
Two days of programming and solving problems (I am not that much experienced in flash) payed off :) It still has its bugs, but .. well :floating:
I was thinking of adding some animation in the background, but nothing came to my mind .. if you like it & want it, you can use it wherever you'd like to .. just credit me & let me know in comments :)
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totaly love this
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NAICE!! n yeah its hard to think of a nice background for a such animation or scripts its usually best to give it a bit of a gleam with a transparent white gradient
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definitely not that bad idea :) maybe when I'll have some more time on my hands in the future, I might think of something (& fixing some more bugs as I see) :)
& thx for the :+fav: :floating:
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no prob :D
btw how did you upload a swf file??
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quite normally actually .. it's the same as uploading pictures .. except you have to upload the preview of that swf (or some pic that says it is a flash (or just some random small pic :lol:) ) .. :floating:
this is amazing. what software did you use to make this?
i see flash sorry... i would love to learn
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Yes, it is made in Adobe Flash CS4 :floating:
I am glad you like it :floating:
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