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MLPSM: Jayson Thiessen

By edvedd
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First on my list of pony-ized MLP Staff Members: Jayson Thiessen, Supervising Director, on another hectic day.

Don't worry, Jayson. You only have another 4 months or so to finish ALL THOSE episodes. :P
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Derpy's Apology.

Prepare kleenexes. (Plural)
anzul's avatar
hang in there man!
Mike-O-Shay's avatar
HAH. Great work.
wasd999's avatar
I'm like him in a fuckin' deadline on a midnight train to the office!
scorch238's avatar

No pressure or anything.
Cosmeon's avatar
XDD Jayson looks good as a pony.
DreadPirateMe's avatar
Mad love for the production staff! Terrific!
MissSinger's avatar
Hahahah Awesome!!! Princess Chuchi (Holly G) just sent me the link. You will be happyto know it is now making it's way around the studio!
Oh wow, that's awesome. Say Hi to Jayson for me!
MissSinger's avatar
I will ;) he's just on the other side of the room haha
MarrockV's avatar
For some reason I imagine him being chased by parasprites in business suits...

My head is a weird place.
vest's avatar
Every page needs a big red-lettered 'MORE LUNA' on it.
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I like how little bits of season two's scripts are being lost in his slipstream.

Those better not be Derpy's segments!
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Hehe. Very nicely done.
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I just have to add that I am still tickled that the the production crew has been open and friendly to the fans! I think knowing that fans truly appreciate all one's hard work make the job a little easier. :)

Even if Lauren Faust isn't on the show anymore, I think she deserves to be pony-ized. She is one of the many reasons why MLP:FIM is awesome. She was huge in Season 1 and still had a significant role in Season 2. Just my humble little opinion. ^^;
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This is awesome of you to do! Yay for Jayson! :D

Someone showed this to him, and this is what he had to say:

"@ShelltoonTV hahaaaa! That's awesome. I love it!"
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