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Description: Vision is a Corporate/Business WordPress Theme. It's main purpose is to deliver easy information to the users, while being professional and unique.

Credits: The artworks or photography that you can see in this work, were only used for demonstration purposes.

Please support these amazing artists.
» Big Fish Illustration.
» Blue Water.
» Art Dept. Rules Poster.
» Website Elements.
» Skindler for Mac.
» Scoresheet.
» Something More.
» Google+ Icon.
» Growl Notification.
» Dribbble Invites Giveaway.
» Partial Refund.

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The middle section with wood texture looks tacky, it doesn't even need to be there. You have repeating social media links which is redundant. This webpage is too busy. I understand it's for a business theme, but this color scheme and layout scream portfolio to me. I would have love to see it without the background pattern. Those are so cliche and overused. There's way too much on this page, it's too busy. You don't need recent posts and blog posts on the front page, leave it up to the consumer to view if they so please on your actual blog page. You don't need a repeating nav bar above the footer. Other than that I think it would be a much more bold design and clean looking. I also enjoy the fact you pay attention to grid. There are so many web designers who ignore grid and think that you need to jam every single thing on a front page.
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