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May 5, 2009
So many deviants already suggested this work to me that I feel I have to feature it. Teapress by =edumicro is so simple, clean and pleasant, that it makes the usability easy and smooth for the user. What more can we ask from a Wordpress theme? Just praise the bright colors and the smooth details. Awesome design!
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Description: Wordpress is a great blogging platform with very useful features. So, I decided to create another Wordpress Theme with a new color scheme and nice details. Hope you like it.

Credits: The artworks or photography that you can see in this work, were only used for demonstration purposes.

Please support these amazing artists.
» Buildings Hug People.
» Ugly Duckling.
» Developpers Icons.

:+fav: very appreciated!
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I think the site itself has a sleek feel to it which as a first impression gives off a nice vibe. The use of colours is great and they compliment each other very well. Although since you've used the primary strong colour (green) so little it gives a blandish feel to the rest of the site.

The structure could be executed a bit better mainly the bottom three boxes since they don't align to the centre 2 boxes which makes it look uneven. That could give off a cheap feel but you're lucky the quality of the boxes are good.

The use of icons is great they're very soft and fit the theme very well. However the navigation is lacking since the font used in that is smaller than the actual content font which you shouldn't really have done. In my opinion navigation font should always be bigger for user friendly reasons. I also think the small pixel style font is a little outdated.

I'm not 100% on whether you should have put a gloss on the navigation and elsewhere since the whole site has quite a pastel style and that contrasts. Although in this case the contrast isn't too bad at all therefore change can be done but isn't a must do.

Overall I do really like the site, its fresh and I'm loving the images you have used in the site they compliment it very well.
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