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Silver Surfer Gladiator



"Marvel Snap"
Artwork by Eduardo Francisco
Colors by Augusto Grillo
© 2024 Marvel Comics
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I just saw the series "Foundation" and I really liked the time-jumps and time-arcs with several planets, people, royal blodlines and how they evolve... so that gave me an idea: what if we had all that but instaed of "the cript", we had an entity serving a higher order?

A series about Silver Surfer where he traveled to several worlds, judge them to be assimilated by galactus, and those that he saved, he then returned years later (hundreds, or millions of years maybe) to then see if they were still worthy of salvation of not. Complete with non-chronological story telling and through the glow of Silver Surfer the omnious ever presence of the shadow of Galactus.

I think that would be pretty cool.