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July 16, 2009
B a t m a n - full color - by *edufrancisco The portrait of the lonely hero, a scene that reflects the nature of this character. Pay attention to the details.
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B a t m a n - full color -


The Dark K n i g h t by eDufRancisco
[Batman is © DC Comics Inc.]

:star: Thanks for stopping by!
Artwork © eDuardo fRancisco - All rights reserved.
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Great work man!
karaat's avatar

Ótima colaboração, Mestre!

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Foda Demaisss!!

rogercruz's avatar
Demais, Edu! A capa ficou sensacional!
eDufRancisco's avatar
Brigado velho, saudade de voce meu amigo.
adagadegelo's avatar
Nossaa!!! Foderoso!
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Cape reminds me of spawn. Awesome!
eDufRancisco's avatar
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You know, I ws thinking the exact same thing.

And with the whole "Dark Knight" story line, the idea of Batman being haunted with the many of the same internal struggles isn't too far off the mark.
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Nice observation, didn't think about it like that. They are a bit alike, I think that that's the reason I enjoy both equally :)

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Genial, su capa me recuerda a la de spawn
eDufRancisco's avatar
Spawn was an inspiration :aww:
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Me lo imaginaba, buena mixtura-
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Yes! Beautifully done! I remember your ink work and the coloring is spot on.  Great collab!! ^^
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