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test subject

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photoshop cs. a little over an hour of work
i hope u like it :horns: please :+favlove:!!! thanks
stock images:

I give permission to *Manipulators to post this in their gallery
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This made me smile :D
it's really interesting.
I lovee it.
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The scaling is almost surreal, It's like the man is even smaller than the bonsai tree. Very interesting composition.
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this combination is so cool ! but I don't like the man in the suit... try to blend more also, make it all more one pice instead of several pieces moulted together.
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This is really great. As someone above said, the scale is perfect.

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The way you dealt with scale here is really good. Love that tree!
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ooh good job on compiling all of the elements of this picture..its not too much or too many things going on to make it distracting either..its just right : )
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NEVERMIND. I LIKE THIS ONE. Very imaginative.
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Its really interesting :P I think it would work better if the pictures could be perfectly clear, it would be more surreal. Cool idea nonetheless. :thumbsup:
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Awesome concept... it reminds me of a design i can't quite place at the moment... but... i hate the texture. I think you killed a very professional idea with a filtered effect that is commonly considered amatuer. If you redid the idea and really worked on getting the elements to flow photorealistically, this is something I could totally see in a magazine.
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Wow, awesome. It completely mixes me up and I love the feeling!
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Really really creepy for some reason, makes ya wonder what is on the other side of the door!
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I like the idea a lot. What does the symbol on the door mean?
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thank you... im not too sure.
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Is 509221 oblivious - or has the world just became to big for him... time to get back to the tree - and just hang out me thinks.
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good ques... im gonna say he has no fuckin clue :)
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great composition and sound concept!!
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thiz is so difference and uniq...finding some'n new...juzt nice and great effort


While my heart is a shield and I won't let it down
While I am so afraid to fail so I won't even try
Well how can I say I'm alive

Mor3 abou3t m3:[~fallous]
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:horns: thank u so much
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Yeah how true. Great work of stock photos. Keep up the great work. I'm going to go look at your gallery now :)

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i feel the same way about people sometimes
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this is a nice concept, I really think humans are test subjects
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