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still fatality

By edubz02
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new piece ... done by popular demand! im so happy all of you liked [link] !

well this one is a bit darker... i was kind of mad when i was making it
im not too sure i like the background color any ideas what i could change it to?

Photoshop CS + 2 Hours

Please comment or :+favlove: if you like!! THANKS
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Very interesting. I like it.
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Of course, before I full-viewed this, I completely missed the noose.

I find myself wondering about the plausibly surreal; at first glance, this is a sunset or sunrise on an isolated patch of earth, but further thought invites the perhaps more appropriate term, an eclipse. I also wonder about some of the unanswered questions, such as the cause of suicide, the purpose of the domesticated animals. I venture to guess that the cows feed into not only the isolation but the autonomy of this small, celestial state, recently ended, apparently, which turns the whole thing into a statement of the bitterness of solitude.

I suppose the reason I like this piece is the inviting nature of the puzzle it presents.
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This is great. I love it. It is both magical and tragic. I look at it and think. It would be great to have a floating island like that. Then I think, what if that was all I had. Just me, a tree and some cows. Well, I'd probably end up hanging from the tree too. Very nicely done.
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Awesome concept :) You have a very creative touch, and it shows in pieces like this!
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:lol: Great job!
I love the digital art of the little islands, they've got the funniest meanings. I like the colors of the background, and how well they blend :thumbsup:
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I love the implications here; that humanity has finally done itself in, but the earth still lives...

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The concept is great and well executed (if you'll pardon the pun). :lol:
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really beautiful! :)
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This one looks awesome!
Usually I do not like digital art and photo manipulations but your work just impressed me so much.
And this one is great!
Of course :+fav:
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:faint: wow thank you
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You`re so welcome! :)
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wham ! :) nice comcept
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i rarely see images this powerful. fav-worthy.
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Interesting motif, surreal! :)
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wow. i love it.
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oh...this's very....dramatic?
the cows ads something into it.
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i love the whole composition.....and the colors....nice job on this one! :D
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I really like this background colour!! And the line pattern over it totally makes the image :)
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This is not really cheating, this is just having some little help. Wonderful concept, I like this much!
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poor guy - had enough of being stuck with the cows? cool picture! effective :D
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I like your use of Patterns
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