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i like this a lot! i dont remember seeing it when i looked at your gallery before =[ very nice =]
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I like this style! excellent texture blending too - subtle but sweet :D
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That is so nifty! Kind of inspires me.
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I think this is my favourite. I love the fantasy of this. My only criticism is that the boy is very large and I think that towers should been a little bit smaller. Very good work :D
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Great work..Simply beautiful Cheers:)
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Very interesting work. I like the combination of the symbols of nature and urbanization. The picture reminds me some kind of catastrophy - something's leaking out of the "city part" and also the roots have alredy pushed their's way through the ground. The human is facing the "nature part" at last but I think that it's too late...
I'm thinking about the sunrise - is it a symbol of "new times" or maybe "new order"?
Great picture!
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it looks like a sunset, it love the colors and the shadow of the floating island looks pretty awsome aginst the chosen colors.
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:+fav:! :aww: It's Awsome.. I Like The Way You Used The Gradients And The Opacity Of The Layers.. And Every Single Detail
love this, it is so coool
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i normally dont like this sort of thing but you took it to a different level
well done...;)
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Can I ask, what you used to make this?
I'm very new to all of this, I'm sorry if it's a silly question :)
But this is just amazing, which is why I'm so curious =D!
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dont even worry. i was actually new when i made this! :) i used brushes mostly... but i should make a tutorial on how i did the background and the sun? lemme know if that is something u might be interested in?

also i am super busy right now, but this weekend when i find sometime i will tell you what i did with the brushes and how i made the foreground? just let me know on exactly what u are not sure of on what to do?
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Oh that would be ever so brilliant! Thank you so very much! A tutorial would be great, I'd love to learn more about all of this :)
Again, thank you so much madam, it means so much to me :)
Have a great week =D
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Enchanting. Nice concept. I also love the colors. totally
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Oh wow... I love this picture, the clouds and island look great, and the colours :heart:
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Amazingly beautiful mate. Great job.
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you've inspired in [link] ?

the idea is the same.
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yeah i saw that his work a long time ago, and mine is based off of his. i tried not to be too similar though :shrug:
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Loved the concept!!!!
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I love this. I love the overlaying texture, really pulls it away from most silhouette vectors you see on DA. I like that the industrial buildings aren't to scale either and general conflicting feeling you get from the picture. Its dark yet there is a very freeing whimsy to it too.
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wow, thank u so much!
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i rly like this one bcuz the colors and the size+shape of the island:]
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