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faux illusion

By edubz02
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my first digital painting!
i am pretty happy with it.
i am probably going to change what she is holding later. i dont like it.

PS CS: Power painting :D (about 3 hours)
no tutorial used
done with a mouse.
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this is gorgeous.
I love the softness.
Your an amazing artisttt.(:
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Amazing job, especially considering it's your first one. Very beautiful. :)
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wow! very nice ^^
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What a gorgeous portrait!
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wow i thought you took a picture of someone and just added that
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Wow thats really good!
I don't know I invision the orb as being maybe her soul that she took out for some reason and now she's debating on whether to keep it or not.
Anyway you did a very nice job!
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wow, thank u so much!!
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o wow, neato!
love it.
i suggest water falling through her fingers and a small pool in the palm.
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for ur first digital painting this is spectacular!
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Great work:aww: At first sight it looked like a photograph so very well done:hug:
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this is very good, i especially love the detail in the hand
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oh snap, it looks REAL:o
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nice:) so beautiful
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That's cool, absolutely amazing for a first!
I still can't do digital painting, the people always ending looking disproportionate, I guess I have to stick to pencil and paper...
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Kudos on doing this with a mouse.

I did a manip like this and it nearly killed me.
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Nice and soft, very pretty :)
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This looks great!
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is she holdig a faerie it looks pretty ^^
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