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The End

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sky [link]
building [link]

i watched pulse last night and was inspired by the 747 crashing and exploding.

reference: [link]
i couldn't find an actual screen shot of the explosion. i just paused my tv. but the reference is right before the crash

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wow, this is great. ^^
nice job, =)
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nice, after I saw Pulse I did this
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wow!! That's really preeeetty...-really likes explosions- I like how you made those little semi-transparent lines going to the center of the explosion. My -non educated- guess is that they're the power of the showave before it goes all booshy and destorys everything it can? @.@
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Hell yes. Very nice lighting, mood, everything.
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well done! I hope I dont see this in real life..
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its quite dark very good, i love the way the sky looks
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Great manip :) :+fav:
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i like the sort of zoom effect on the explosion
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Amazing keep up the work.
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nice manip ;) keep it up
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cool idea and nicely done :clap:
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it's really great work!
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This is really cool
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Very nice piece! I like this a lot! The building doesn't really seem to fit though, it seems like it's already been hit, but the explosion seems like it's above it. Possibly if there was some flames reflected in the windows or something it'd look more natural. You did a really good job on the explosion though Good job! :+fav:
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oh the explosion is supposed to be behind the building... [link] <-- this is suposed to be right before. but thanks so much for the great comment and :+fav:
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Beautifully executed. :D IT has a dark mood that is instantly recognizable.
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Wow! Very intricate. The fire from the explosion looks absolutely real. A fantastic piece!
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full view is simplly awesome and a visually nice!!
nice work :D
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wow this is very good. cool effects! mind sharing a secret? hehehe.

I'm :+fav:-ing this one
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cool,,,,its look real,,,the fire looks good,well done =D
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Very nice and kinda scary!
I really like the colors. and the bluiding are a nice touch.
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