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Red Planet

By edubz02
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still attempting to be like the pros on the whole space theme lol.

a big thanks to:
*HorseLips for letting me use [link]

photoshop cs
2+ hours
comments/favs/critiques always very appreciated

oh and A.E. stands for After Earth
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Paging through your gallery, this leapt out at me. The bodies above and the surface below scream "inhospitable," but the birds in the distance imply "not inhospitable enough." Which amuses me, in some odd manner.

Have you ever read "Red Mars?" It's a science fiction novel you might appreciate, having made this, about the terraforming conducted by humans on the red planet. Appropriately, its sequels are called "Blue Mars" and "Green Mars."
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This is my favourite from your gallery,amazing colors !
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great job with this one, the bigger planet looks as if its about to blow :P haha, pretty interesting ideas in theis one too, love the whole desert theme, nice job :D
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Wow I don't think I could do anything of that caliber.
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the sky is nicely done..and lighting....the only thing that bugs me is that the planet stands out to much..i guess it's too sharp with textures..the smaller one looks awesome though
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I think that the bottom planet, the one we are "on", is done magnificently. For some reason the other main one doesnt fit to me. It seems like it should be darker, with more texture perhaps. However I notice you saying you are still trying. . . and to that I say you are doing a wonderful job thus far!! Amazing work really.
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Ahh Im an ass. :|

The link you give is the bottom picture. :slow: I appalogize for not erading thuroughly befor posting. I saw, I thought, I typed.
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Great manipulation! Looks like a real photo. haha =]
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Eye candy!That's all i can say.:D
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Beautiful work!
This place looks really calm and relaxing :cuddle:
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That's an interesting piece, I like it.. :+fav:
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awesome transition from surface to space. i love the landscaping. some awesome colours in there too. keep em coming!
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you're welcome
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Beeeeautiful manip! I love the colors. Really well done. :ahoy:
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You are most welcome. You're gallery is lovely by the way... very wonderful work. :nod:
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Really great picture.. I love the strange file size it adds to the contrast between the planet and space. Great stuff :)
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