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John Doe

By edubz02
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6B Pencil 30+ minutes
PS CS 2+ hours



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It's so cool how you've managed to combine this coloring and photographs together!
looks like all has been pre-made for this purpose only, very well composed!!!
I love the skeleton hanging on the tree, reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas.
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so good. thats exactly how I feel living in NYC +fav
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This looks good, but i have a few criticisms as far as the "honesty" of the picture:
1. how is he hanging? wouldn't he/she just rest on the branches? he/she IS strung from the top, meaning other branches would get in the way. in order for this to work, he/she would need to be hanging from the bottom branch, which would have to be much higher off the ground.
2. i'm not sure, but i'm not entirely sure that the left over blood is entirely true to the way that corpses actually decompose.

if i seem nitpicky, just understand that i do actually like the picture, it's just that you've gotta take these things into consideration when you do this kind of stuff; as a viewer i have to be able to believe what i'm seeing, and when there's stuff like this, it hinders that.
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Eerie, but wonderful. I love the droplets of blood that remain on John Doe's arm and legs. It's also a nice touch that there's a city in the background; where nobody has noticed a decaying body swinging from the tree. Great work indeed.
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Very detailed, dark, terrorizing. Feels kinda like halloween. It's good.
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wow thats pretty good. trees are so hard to do!! well done. makes me wish for halloween
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Yah, creepy indeed. But I think the blood is a bit out of place... I don't know how to explain, but it would look more "natural" without it. He has no flesh anymore so.. And maybe you should darken the skeleton's white so that it doesn't strike so much as not part of the picture.
But I like the composition very much anyway. It looks so isolated and yet it's so close from people. Nice work :)
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i really like this

must hit fave as quickly as possible!
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this is very cool
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i think you could have reduced the "collage" effect a bit more. the webs are great!
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Ooh, creepy. I really like the colours and the contrast between the skeleton and the darkness surrounding it. :)
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Cool, very creepy. Good picture for halloween :P

Rach xx
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Scary... very nicely done!
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6B pencil?? how dark is that?

otherwise, this piece is looking good, great mood!
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beautifully done... i love how the colors contribute to the macabre feel of it all :)
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i love the sombre mood youve created here
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wow.. this is just breathtaking.. you draw first.. in this version.. it all looks like syreal reality.. and not drawn.. anyway.. fantastic :D
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i really like it so much ! :)
very nice piece
tones are beautiful
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thank you, and thanks for the :+fav:
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