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Evolution Two

By edubz02
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(skin a scion contest)

see original ocean version?

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really good ! nice work :D
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This one looks a lot better than the original car. Scion XBs rock!
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Did you make the font yourself?
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no. hmm i should credit that. thanks
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I just wanted to know cause its kick ass. Especially the design.. ZOMG FISHIES! :D
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front windows look funny--look open tho if so light there appears off of closed to back why do you see light??

love green just white is too white ta me--wanna see text right??-- maby a really pale color could work??
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Very nice color and great job with blending in the background. I hate scion but they sure do know how to market their stuff.
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Damn grrl, this is another hot looking car. You've got such a pretty and unique style. Lovely work.
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like the color, nice work! :dance:
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looks very cool hahas xD faved it
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nice work, much better then the other one, it looks like it has a purpose, its not just floating.

Like the colours, like the background, detailed yet not overbearing.

good stuff.
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I think I like this one better with the green tones :D.
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:nod: :nod: :nod: :no: :nod: :nod: :nod:

Hahahaaa.... I love your siggy. And you're welcome :aww:.
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i prefer this one as well
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I prefer this colour. :)
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