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Absorbed Within

By edubz02
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EDIT: Published in Advanced Photoshop Magazine. Issue 35


favs and c&c's are always welcome

apparently the prints came out too dark, so i decided to lighten up both deviation and print. I added more reds, and less saturation. hope you all like it better? thanks
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I am so drawn in to this...I can almost feel the storm brewing and the colors in the field of wheat is beautiful....Well Done!
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This is amazing! I love it. It looks so natural... Like a photo. But seeing which magazine it was in I know it isn't. o3o It's amazing! I know I said that twice. XD
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thank u so much
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Fantastic job. (:
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i like it very much! :aww:
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The picture actually is a little bit eerie for me. Maybe it is a case of connection of dark clouds and nearly gold cereal or maybe the way girl looks like - I don't mean here her appearance but the she looks like sb lonely, deep in thought, maybe dreaming...
Beautiful ;)
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Beautiful and stunning piece. I love it very much and great work too:heart:star:
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wow, wonderful shot
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oh it isnt a photo. i wish it was. :) thank u though
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gah, I still think this is your best I'm featuring you [link]
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thank u so much!
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Wow.... O.O... stunning
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I am speechless ...jaw to the ground! BRILLIANT!
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:o wow thank you
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Hello! :wave:
Congratulations, this work has been featured at "Visual Senses" article: [link]
Please, do not comment here, but only under the news article.
Thank you and wish you more fantastic works!
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It's like a scene from a macabre movie... It's beautiful.
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nice, i like the dark clouds and the effect on the grass
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This reminds me very much of a very popular Wyeth painting (one of my fave artists, by the way, the painting is here-->[link]), not just in subject but mood. The dark contrast hints at more than we can see, much like the turned back of the figure does in Wyeth's work. <3

Beautifully done.
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the colours, the editing, damn this picture is nice!
And congrats with that publishing thingy!
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looks amazing, as if the field is brewing with the incoming storm :)
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omg! lol this photo is absoloutely amazing! everything about it just fits perfectly together. i love looking at pictures like this and sitting back and thinking how it makes me feel...if ...that makes sense lol anyway great work ^^
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