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Iron Man Skin

*Changes apr/1/2017 (Spotify Broken 2019)
Updated Spotify Plugin so it works with the new update (Just the Plugin on this page

*Changes mar/16/2017
-bug fixes on system skin color change
-ability to select between chrome and firefox for the arc button on the central interface

It's an Iron Man skin for rainmeter.

If you have any question on how to configure it send me a message.

The skins can be on any color you like and has 4 predefined colors
system usage info (cpu, ram, and swap)
Weather Now and 4 days to come (°C or °F)
Audio visualizer (color changing)(right click over it to see customization options)
iTunes and Spotify music player with music controls, artwork, spinning vinyl, song info, etc
Date and Time
IP and Network info
Battery level for laptops
Recycle bin info (# of items and size of all the items)
Hard drive info
Notes section
Folders, apps and websites shortcuts
Easy setup Panel (press on open config to open the setup)(click the titles apps, folders and sites to change between the name and the path)

If you see a bug or have a suggestion tell me and I will try to fix them or add the suggestions
to put your weather location you have to go to the settings file on "Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Iron Man\resources"
you can get your location code from here: on the url will be like this " code"

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look good ...thnx

4 years later and it still looks great!

And Im fixing the weather and spotify parts of it

I keep getting a report that this skin is infected with the W32/Agent.IK.gen!Eldorado Adware virus (iolo System Mechanic)

It can be since it ties to acces to rainmeter files that are on documents

what do i open the dowload with?

Great skin, just wondering how to change the color from the blue to green or red?

Right click, hover over varents, you should be able to change it there.

Anyone manage to get the weather skin working?

Any plans to fix the weather as the service used before the has stopped so any way to get weather working?

Haven't found it

MAN-KANNON's avatar

I'm really struggling to manage to input the colour code for the audio bars, is something like this correct? "#52a6e5" (without the quotations)

Try without the #

Weather skin doesn't work. Followed your instructions but still... nothing.

Think it got broken

Button Start ?? how to add Button start pls Start menu open

and how to install itunes o change a WMP

what is the line U need to put in for the weather code

think it got broken

StratosFTW's avatar

How do I change the color of the audio bars?

I can send you a previous version of the bars that where static color

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