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Iron Man Skin

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Published: March 4, 2017
*Changes apr/1/2017 (Spotify Broken 2019)
Updated Spotify Plugin so it works with the new update (Just the Plugin on this page

*Changes mar/16/2017
-bug fixes on system skin color change
-ability to select between chrome and firefox for the arc button on the central interface

It's an Iron Man skin for rainmeter.

If you have any question on how to configure it send me a message.

The skins can be on any color you like and has 4 predefined colors
system usage info (cpu, ram, and swap)
Weather Now and 4 days to come (°C or °F)
Audio visualizer (color changing)(right click over it to see customization options)
iTunes and Spotify music player with music controls, artwork, spinning vinyl, song info, etc
Date and Time
IP and Network info
Battery level for laptops
Recycle bin info (# of items and size of all the items)
Hard drive info
Notes section
Folders, apps and websites shortcuts
Easy setup Panel (press on open config to open the setup)(click the titles apps, folders and sites to change between the name and the path)

If you see a bug or have a suggestion tell me and I will try to fix them or add the suggestions
to put your weather location you have to go to the settings file on "Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Iron Man\resources"
you can get your location code from here: on the url will be like this " code"

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xDEAHLOVENew Deviant

Button Start ?? how to add Button start pls Start menu open

and how to install itunes o change a WMP

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what is the line U need to put in for the weather code

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How do I change the color of the audio bars?

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is rainmeter skin ban or something?? cant find any skin online !! or justmay be idk how to download it from deviantart!! any help ??
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Hi I added this skin but for some reason it just comes up as blue and everything is transparent
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how to edit apps. and folder?
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You need to click on open config and there you edit the apps and folders
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good day.... i am a new user of rainmeter.  can anyone tell me how to download this skin? i badly want this kind of skin
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The chain of variables in your config and ini files is confusing. It looks like it can be hardcoded in more than one location but I am not sure which one is the most optimal.

Which file is the optimal file to edit to configure the Folder location, Website links, and Program file paths?
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The ones that are included on the include part, those files are on the resources folder
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So figured out how to edit the weather.

Open the weather.ini file.

Find & Replace All #Location# with 78727:4:US
Obtain your code from simply by checking your location.
It will have a similar format to my example shown above.

Find & Replace All #Unit# with S or M
S=standard (Fahrenheit)
M=metric (Celsius)

Refresh the weather skin and you should see the correct temperature
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I searched through the weather config and can't find the variable where I need to place my code from Can you call out the variable and make it easily searchable with a comment in the file?
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I've changed the default music player from iTunes to WMP. But everytime I shut down WMP , the skin area in the theme meant for WMP keeps flashing the recently played song cover and I'm unable to launch WMP again until I reload the skin again. the WMP keeps crashing. Please respond.
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I really don't know why because I don't use that player maybe is the plugin because I think there is a special plugin for that player
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how do i get this skin?
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On the download button at the right side
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Hi i downloaded rainmeter and then this Skin 
The problem Im facing is how do you link all of them?
like folders to actual folders etc

I can change the name of the folder but cant link it 
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If you click on the open config it opens a window and if you click on the text like folders it changes the option between changing the name or selecting the folder path
Sorry if it took me long to answer
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this is also my problem how cant i link the actual folder or apps. i try the configuration but when i click the apps or folder in the desktop it will not work
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JzelleJrelle0317Professional Interface Designer
Hello, what is the purpose of reader skin ? and how to use it ? IronMan-Jarvis Theme Desktop
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If you mean the one that has plain text with no actions it is like a sticky note.
It works by clicking the + symbol
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Hi. Don't know if you will see this, but the Spotify plugin doesn't work for me. I start Spotify, but it doesn't detect me playing any songs. I'm probably doing something wrong but wanted to ask if you could help me.
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