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Anniversary(final) by edtropolis

Anniversary time

And once again time keeps on slipping slipping slipping...why did you have to be right, Steve Miller?

Anyway, one year of my comic gone by, which means one year of my Patreon, 25+ pages and many MANY exclusive art pieces, pinups and wallpapers later, and its come to this.  Its been a wild ride I tell ya, and without the awesome and amazing dedication of you guys, I wouldn't be doing this...but its not over yet.  See, ultimately, I would like to make enough pages so I can make a book, an actual, for real book out of this little comic.

Also, plans are in place to create more benefits and potentially a new Patreon tier to shake things up. But yeah, you guys' continued support of my art and comics on here, Twitter and Patreon are going to help make more comics and a potential book, and I can't thank you enough.

That said (plug time) for those who are interested in joining the HappyMart team, for just one dollar a month, you get access to the comic itself, pinups and voting for the pinups.  Plus, there is room to grow from there for those who are interested in my other benefits so don't be shy.  I realize the holidays are among us now and it can be hard to save up, but, if you have some extra cash on you, consider becoming a supporter, plenty of good stuff awaits! 

Okay, thanks for reading guys, thanks for being amazing fans and supporters as always, until next time! 

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Commission Guide

-Commissions may take some time to do, so just be patient
-No pornographic material will be requested, overly violent, etc.
-Multiple characters/more elaborate backgrounds, etc. will be up for negotiation in terms of pay
-Payment first, commission second
-The price guide is as follows:

$25 for a simple character sketch
$40 for a black and white render
$50 for a colored w/shading

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I love Happy Mart! Congratulations on your one year milestone! Here's to many more.

Good to know you're still planing and working on things.

Keep having fun!
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perseverance is key!
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