Happy 2020!!

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Another decade past!

Just wanted to a make a relatively quick journal since I haven't updated in months as usual haha...but yeah, 2020 is finally here!

Ten years ago is when I actually started doing real commissions for real money through paypal, so thats something.  Things got really interesting when I opened up my Patreon account, and that was only a year ago...which I still appreciate all the love and support from you guys still, thank you so so much. 

Also I know its super late, but thank you all of you who sent me the birthday wishes back in November, I hope you guys had a good Christmas, and now that the holidays are over, things can hopefully get back to normal and I can start working on some commissions again...soon.

Okay, Happy 2020 guys!!  I'll try and make it a good year for art, count on it!  =D

Commission Slots

(new slots coming soon)


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Super awesome sexy pics!

     caffeine queen by edtropolis okay boys, shows over... by edtropolis self control (ft. Venus) by edtropolis


Commission Guide

-Commissions may take some time to do, so just be patient
-No pornographic material will be requested, overly violent, etc.
-Multiple characters/more elaborate backgrounds, etc. will be up for negotiation in terms of pay
-Payment first, commission second
-The price guide is as follows:

$25 for a simple character sketch
$40 for a black and white render
$50 for a colored w/shading

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Happy New Year! I hope it continues to rock for you!
Merry New Year ! ! 
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Hope you have a Happy New Year and Decade too ^^
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Happy New Year to you as well, dude. :D
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Here's to 2020 good sir :salute:
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Happy new year dude. Let's hope for 2020 to reserve good surprises!
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Happy New Year!
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Happy New Year to you too! Party PARTY HARD 
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Happy new year to you as well!
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Happy New Year!
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