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Good lord...

Almost a million freaking hits following this 900k...jeez where does the time GO??

So YEAH, yet another milestone thing is upon us...so I thought I'd do the usual thing and offer up another piece of free art for that lucky person who hits that exact milestone hit. 

The rules go exactly like it did the last time: the person that gets the 900,000th hit will receive a free single character commission of their choice from me (so long as it follows my guidelines).  The person MUST include some kind of screenshot as proof otherwise I won't know, and I won't just go by word of mouth.  I need this to be legit, otherwise it wouldn't be fair to others.  ^^

So hopefully everyone's got that, and with that said, good luck to all who try and get that hit and its coming up fast!  ;)

Also jeez, thanks so much to everyone on dA, Twitter, Patreon, ALL the places where people have been giving me so much support and love all these years, I can't thank you guys enough.  I hope to continue to make more art and comics that you all will love.  THANK YOU!! :heart:


Okay!! And as usual, that went super fast...and the winner of the 900k is aRBy125!  Congratulations man, you caught it!!  And so...on to the million.  And I have NO idea what the hell I'm gonna do for that.  XD  We'll see when the time comes, thanks so much guys!!

Commission Slot



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     caffeine queen by edtropolis okay boys, shows over... by edtropolis self control (ft. Venus) by edtropolis


Commission Guide

-Commissions may take some time to do, so just be patient
-No pornographic material will be requested, overly violent, etc.
-Multiple characters/more elaborate backgrounds, etc. will be up for negotiation in terms of pay
-Payment first, commission second
-The price guide is as follows:

$25 for a simple character sketch
$40 for a black and white render
$50 for a colored w/shading

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Congratz on the big number of views o.o
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Congratulations - so close to seven-digits! :D
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Congratulations on the milestone. ^^
a big congratulations to you ! 
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Congratulations, you’ve earned it.
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Congrats! Both to you, and whoever got that lucky screenshot! I got 900,001 oof, just one off
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Congratulations on the almost 900k!
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