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edtropolis's avatar SAID try everything...

And so they went to a nude beach. ;)

SO...finally done, and FINALLY a Zootopia pic from me!  I really REALLY wanted to draw Nick and Judy for the longest time, and I had planed for this pic sometime these past 4 months, but got around to doing this JUST in time for the middle of summer to come on by. =P  Also I figured, since I drew Nick and Judy, I prolly should throw some other characters in other fav is Finnick...who is a real dick but has a heart of...pure shit I'm sure XD but I still love the little bastard.

And Gazelle is hot...

Next pic coming soon again, so stick around and all that other malarkey...

P.S., try and find HIM again...
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Pizzaronny's avatar
Talk about getting back to nature.
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Yes butt XD I didn't know public nudity.
TheSupremeYeen's avatar
Finnick: "I like Boobs~"
Gazelle: *chuckles* "I know you do~"

Looks like Finnick went for the big guns with this one. Pfft.

What other Fennec Fox can say they've dated a popstar? That's right. None. ^^
Gamerboycube's avatar
I wouldn't be surprised if Gazelle's REAL job was being a prostitute. REAL JOB meaning the one that gets the Major Dollars.
Gamerboycube's avatar
Judy Hopps needs to be naked far more often in the Movies, Even if she does NOT like it.
bobhershey's avatar
Zootopia - Swag Finnick "Have fun swimming with the fuzz, Nick"!
Nick Wilde - Icon "Should I remind him"?
Judy Hopps - Icon "Just get me to the water before anyone sees me"!
Zorbonaut's avatar
LOL our heroes don't look to comfortable with this...
ssfactor's avatar
You drew Gazelle :iconadmireplz: i love the gazelle doll, except, it is incredibly pricey (Most likely because many other Zootopia fans find it to be a..."hot" item :icondrumroll-plz: sorry *goes to his corner* :B)

Anyway, i'm dropping by here because i wanted to express my support over what happened to your cream picture, such is DA, so unfortunately it may have been for the's their loss, they're missing out on very nice artwork, not that they could appreciate it, or at least behave in a more civil manner.

But your work will always have a special place in my heart, you're a real artist to me.
dantiscus's avatar

Lovely work!
UncleScooter's avatar
These guys? They be naked... ;)
MasterShifulover's avatar
Wow haha very naturalist
hellocartoon's avatar
Gazelle is one gorgeous gal!
writemaster93's avatar
Finnick: I'm gonna try that sweet Gazelle booty.
Alanmcgamer's avatar
Try everything? Even drugs?
pepoluan's avatar
Everything that's not illegal, of course.
Alanmcgamer's avatar
Well, they did say "Try everything" so......
TorturedArtist745's avatar
Gazelle is looking hot. At least she's not afraid to show it all.
nickwildejudyhopps's avatar
Try Everything... Even prostitution lol
SandTori's avatar
*giggle* Finnick's got the moves. ;3
kaokao1's avatar

Poor Judy. XD
AndyofIndiana's avatar
Judy Hopps - Icon:iconsaysplz:Okay, I can do this.  I'm going to be comfortable with being naked and seeing other animals naked.
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