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I'm back baby!!  With (finally) some more Teen Tails (or S Tails) fan service for all 'yall...HORAAAAAYYY!!  Oh, Fio, you naughty girl you!! :heart:

I know I've been kinda slow on the Sonic art lately, so hopefully this makes up for some of not to worry kiddies, I'm still running strong!  Now that I've gotten that out of the way, time for more commission work...until next time as they say...=D

The one time Amy Rose has ever seen a wiener...and its not Sonic's...
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Almost like when Kevin loses his swimmies in Lost in New York. Good work!

EdwardJSmithTitanic's avatar
w-why would do something like that to my favorite video game character...? D':
racers2003's avatar
Not in public!!! I love your art style! I like tail's butt great job
FerbFletcher1234's avatar
It doesn't make a Difference since Tails goes around Naked everyday for the past 23 years XD
LouisTheFox's avatar
Amy is probably is impressed that Tails has a big one XD
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, heh... poor Tails! :giggle:
zakurotheforgoten's avatar
that moment when you lost your pants
spartan38's avatar
Raptor-177's avatar
Hey, that's a nice sky! I like the gradients! Oh and the flags!

oh yeah and there's tail's ass and some pretty girls. There's that too.
risingstar1011's avatar
Laughed SO bloody hard!
2tfx's avatar
Better run for the deep water Tails!
BrandonUltimate's avatar
Oh man, Tails' ass, funny AND cute!  Good job on this!
Light-Rock's avatar
That is very good, but I just can't look at it.What Did You Just Say 
kaokao1's avatar
She got his shorts. XD
Coffee-Fueled-Conman's avatar
DAT ASS MAN DAT ASS!!!Clem Epic face 
HarpuiAxl21's avatar
lonk lonk lonk lonk lonk lonk lonk lonk 
HarpuiAxl21's avatar
Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) We Like To Party! (TF2 Chat Icon) Crazy heavy tf2 Nope.avi Tf2 Happy derp scout tf2 Crazy sniper Tf2 Angry Demo Buttseck Spy Face TF2 Demoman tf2 happy scout tf2 Surprise Spy emote SAPPING INTENSIFIES Sexy Soldier Scooty emote (Scout) WeeW Spy emote Soldier dammit man TF2 
Jeriih's avatar
This made me giggle a little bit. :)
JohnWRoberts's avatar
Sonic better hit that! lol

do you make SonicXTails Yoai?! Idk if you  that type of fan girl. but I'd love to see it.
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