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vacation juice

The aftermath of too much vacation juice...=P

At least Issy has her clipboard...anyway, part of a little pose set I did for this months $10 Patreon reward.  The full pose set is available to patrons here: ;) 

Also for those who are still waiting for commissions I'm currently trying to work on them and doing other art things, so thanks so much for sticking around and being patient. ^^
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PilloTheStar's avatar
Love the way you draw best pup. 💖
winvistauser001's avatar
Vacation juice = ALCOHOL!
Isabelle's got her BAC levels at .12.
LordDraven16's avatar
Go naked and drunk!
PanicPagoda's avatar
If K.K. Slider can get away with that "outfit", surely the mayor's secretary can too! ;)
Valri's avatar
Might "vacation juice" be booze? 
ArcRoyale's avatar
So adorable... :)
CraftMyWarpStar's avatar

Seeing you draw Isabelle naked makes my life complete. <3

brockisok's avatar
Is that a nipple or a pixellation effect?
edtropolis's avatar
Thats lineart from part of the clipboard shes holding haha...
same-old-davey's avatar
Who knows where she left them and if she'll get them back.
Fishabelle's avatar
Yessss she finally got to show her full naked self here! 
Something tells me she was late and did not have time to put on clothes
alexwarlorn's avatar
"A lot of us go around naked anyway."
Captainpizzapie's avatar
Isabelle is so adorable.
Scorpio-Gustavo's avatar
she looks much better naked~ -tugs tail-
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