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the girl can't help it...

Okay peeps, FINALLY a commish for TarriPup who wanted their character Tarri parading around in the buff in this...alternate Sonic world where the characters actually DO wear clothes...

So to Tails' AND Amy's surprise, we see Tarri wearing nothing but sandals, thoroughly enjoying an ice cream treat.  Thats about all there is to say, other than next pic coming up hopefully sooner than later.  =D

Can you find the hidden easter egg?? ;)
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is it the character in the window, in the building on the right?
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[[How did I miss this one?]]

Good grief. 

She almost makes me think of Zooey from SONIC BOOM, but a bit different [and frisky]/ 
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I like the concept and how happy Tarri is.
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hello my friend, Tarri is cute in nude, it natural.Love +fav 
Actually, I wonder how THAT Tails would react to our Tails wearing nothing but shoes and gloves.

(By the way, I think Fox McCloud would find it strange at best to see Tails, also a fox, in nothing but his fur)
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Edtropolis for $1200

The easter egg on this image

What is Zax's ass on the billboard on the skyscraper?
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that ass on the billboard on the house
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be free ! ^^ what A great picture an interesting concept ^^  I like it ! very well done :clap:
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As I made it quite clear last night when you first showed me the final product... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT TO PIECES!!!!
Oh great... I thought I would have more composure after sleeping it off, but nope!! My face hurts again from smiling!!! xD

This is super-amazing, I love it so much, DEFINITELY money well spent (I still go to the memorial services of that money, but it is the price we pay, lest we forget~)

Heheeeee... I had found the easter egg before you even said anything, so I super-win! =P

But seriously, I am loving this so very much like you wouldn't believe - thank you so very much!!! :love:
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You're very welcome buddy! =D

As for the little...easter egg...once I finished with all the characters, I figured that there was something missing...a bare, fuzzy sassy bottom. :giggle:  Yup, feel free to commission me again, and hopefully the next time and won't take four months to do. :XD:
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Extra personality. It's what makes a piece of art so awesome. xD

I would love to commission you again, except that takes money - you just happened to receive my birthday money (somewhat indirectly, since my bday money never went to my PayPal account :P), so... we'll have to see. xD
And this year's birthday money will probably be spent on Armageddon, unless something comes up, haha. xD
(Last year I didn't go to any expos, hence why I spent the money on a commission, instead :P)
Although, feel free to commission me if you ever want to, hehe~ :giggle:
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Oh don't worry, thats not out of the realm of possibility...I'd love to see how you would take on Zax...or Schooly...or Shelly!! =D
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That is quite an interesting thought, actually!!
I can't say I don't have any interest in those characters, otherwise I wouldn't have asked, hehe. =P

Btw, totally your fault on this one. Well, my fault because it was what I commissioned you to do which made me want to do this, then again I wouldn't have commissioned you if I wasn't watching you... oh wait, that's on me again, damn. xD
But I had an urge to draw Amy this afternoon. So I did. xD
Just in case you are curio. :P
Sombre Mallet by TarriPup
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Now I can't read the title without the Journey song getting in my head  ^^;
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I actually just came up with the title as a reference that first came to mind that made sense...and then I realized OH CRAP its a Journey song...even better! =D
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I love when someone on my watch list draws for another person on my watch list!
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I fully endorse this kind of behavior! =P
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I sure hope so! ;)
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Yeah, those clothes-wearing animals should see the REAL way to spend a warm day! :la:

On a related note, I saw Zootopia yesterday, and I highly recommend it - that Yax is one cool dude. ;)
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I'm getting too it...that movie has REALLY good reviews...and its a movie with talking animals living in a futuristic city with a hot gazelle chick...whats not to like??
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