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thats the spirit

This months pinup winner on my Patreon: Phantasma from Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School!

A much more...aged version of her haha...apparently ghosts can still grow their hair.  There is so much left unsaid in terms of spirits and ghosts, but who says that a ghost can't be sexy?  =P  The uncensored version of this is available here for just a dollar a month on my Patreon, along with access to other goodies including my comic Welcome to HappyMart!
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Go dad movie was a long time ago and the only cameo they had was that 1 on Cartoon Network if I remember but they still bring back good memories.
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this looks freakin beautifull
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Thank you!  My first time drawing her. :)
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"Apparently ghosts can still grow their hair"

As well as a number of.....OTHER features...
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Praise the Lord God for giving us such a holy ghost!
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The fun loving ghost
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Ghosts can still grow other things too!
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