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A was-to-be Halloween sidetracked by work, but here it is (late) anyway...only a couple days off ^^; yup, its another Meowth pic...reading the book of souls or something...whatever it is, it can't be good...or maybe a haunted Kama Sutra :O_o: hahaha...anyway just a quickly done color job, 'bout 2 hours...turned out kinda cool. Enjoyz!!! Laterz!!
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(*LE GASP*) It's the Pokenomicon!
Meowth: "I,I though it said the KITTY al Azif!"

(note for those who don't get the joke, the "Kitab al-azif (soupossedly "book of the buzzing insects") is the title the Necronomicon had whne it was orginally written (according to the storis) I didn't get called the Necronomicon until it was transalted into Greek by Theodorus Philetas.)
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Heheh, late night reading can make for interesting thoughts. Though, a haunted Karma Sutra does sound interesting.


Nicely done; thanks for sharing, and keep up the goodness.
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nothing better than reading a book before you go to bed :D
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I see in my head Meowth wearing a robe and doing a 'Masterpiece Theater' bit now because of this pic.

I love it.
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Nice quick doodle, love the red purple up front to the yellow glow from the book.
Guess he ain't sleeping tonight D:
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lolz, haunted kama sutra o.o i guess if you're gonna have a cursed book in a big library you may as well make it one of the more requested ones :XD:
I like the lightning º3º purty colors
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awesome colors what is he reading?
Cosmeon's avatar
Looks like he's not gonna sleep tonight due to the book he's reading..
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I really like his expression in this picture.
FoxicWaste's avatar
Meowth is way too awesome.
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He, haunted Kama Sutra :) It might sound too specific, but I liekd the glow on his golden metal on his forehead!
Dragonrider1227's avatar
For some reason I hear Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" when I look at this
TheSnowDrifter's avatar
Kootiebirdo's avatar
Just hope he isn't bringing any dead folks back from the grave!

Zombified Michael Jackson anyone? ;P
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Haunted Kama Sutra? XD oh... the images in my head are not nice.

Love the lighting buddy : )
HarleyGreen's avatar
A contradiction: a Cat who's afraid in Halloween Night? but he should scare others xD !
CakePrower's avatar
He's reading "The Top 10 Reasons to have your pet spayed or neutered" by Bob Barker.
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The coloration on this pic is wonderful and poor Meowth looks spooked by the book. Lets just hope its not a haunted or cursed book that he's reading.
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Wonderful, love the coloring job, so pretty >3
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Haunted Kama Sutra = Win!
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