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photograph :Krystal model:



Pic time!! This time featuring everyone's favorite fuzzy blue femme fatale...or something, Krystal from the StarFox series...and THIS time...she's riding a really cool, WHAT!!! Still no clothes on???!!? :ohnoes: uh, how could this happen...yeah, thats it...^^; oh well, at least she has her boots on...for protection...ha =D I like how the shading turned out...decided to go for a "high angle" shot...never really did that before, so it turned out pretty good. So Enjoy Photograph, part of Edtropolis Summer 09!! Fav plz!!
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I'd like to say that this image is truly beautiful. The angle is very unique; we are so used to seeing drawn characters in much more simplistic angles. I like how you often break this tradition and create works of art that are visually interesting. The color in this image is amazing; so luminous. I enjoy her expression, too; there's a sense that something is going on off-camera. Honestly, what you create is what I've always aspired to create: something unique, beautiful, and well-drawn.
Before this critique sounds nothing more like a love letter, here are my opinions on how it can be improved:
I think the the concrete might be too high-key; there isn't very much definition in it. Also, the light source is a bit confusing, which makes the shadows a bit confusing; judging by the bike shadow as well as that cool structural shadow, I feel that there should be darker shadows on Krystal. I believe, also, that she should be casting more shadows on the bike itself.
In short, the image is wonderful, and I can overlook the light source gaffe; after all, we have a hot naked anthropomorphic blue fox on a bad-ass bike!
Keep up the great work.