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market street (ft. Sally)

WOOOOOOW a pic FINALLY!!! Yeah I've been busy haha...but here's a Sally pic to start off the best part of SUMMER! And whats this? Rosy the Rascal??? Been a while since I've seen her around...but yeah I really wanted to draw her, being the first Amy prototype...or young Amy ^^; and looking just a bit curious about Sally's attire...or lack there of.

Anyway glad to be back...look forward to more pics and for those in North America have a rockin' and safe Forth of July!! =D
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I remember seeing your art a few years ago on my older account and I remembered thinking you were such a great artist I’m so happy I found you again!!

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Sally Acorn as she's supposed to be, free of pants!
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Do you animate? 'Cuz you're perfect for my fan Sonic animated series. It's free!
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Lack of attire or Lack of... huh
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que discreto...
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Rosy: you do know your not wearing any pants right?
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Suddenly Dragonball Z abridged comes to mind
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I think Amy is just fascinated that Sally has a bellybutton.
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Eso no tiene nada que ver con lo que dije. (That has nothing to do with what I said.)
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i love your style! how you shade and your thickness in the lines is fabulous!:D i wish i could draw like That.
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Out of curiosity, how do you do these? Paper? If on Photoshop or something, what thickness are the outlines with?
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Where is Sally going to put that bottle?
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Ela nao usa calça pq náo tem buceta kkkkkkkkkkk
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What is she staring at--Sally doesn't usually wear pants?
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some comics i have shes pantless and she is staring at nothing cuz sally has nothing down there? lol
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so um, watcha lookin at down there rosy XD
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Awesome! Really like the expressions!
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I love your style - the sketch lines and watercolor effect. How do you achieve such a style?
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