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Commission for the mighty :icondmajorboss: who wanted a Smurf meets Snork pic...a blast from the past!! Two 80's iconic children's Saturday morning cartoon franchises mashed into one harmonious...thingy. ^^; I got the feeling that HB studios wanted to make a movie about this situation, but instead they chose on the "Flintstones meet the Jetsons" idea...which was...eh okay I suppose.

Anyway, come along, sing along, swim along toooo...YEAH!!! =D
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Awww this is darling~

Great job!
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This is superawesome!
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Samiejojo|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love it!!!:D
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MrNintMan|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks nice!!
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Sonic808|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice pic!
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I always thought the Snorks and Smurfs where the same.
funny it says that Snork is spelled wrong, and Smurfs are spelled right. You know what that means.
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I'm not a smurf or snorks- fan but the way you have drawn it is just awesome so i need to fave it ;)
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OMG! Snorks! Smurfs! Iconic indeed...

*wave of nostalgia recedes*

That was fun. Thank you for that wave.
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Funny enough it wasn't long ago I was talking about Snorks with a mate, and how every kid I knew had the bubblegum stickers all over their drawers.
Nice rendition!
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DMajorBoss|Professional Writer
Heheheh, I definitely love how well this came out. The combination of the two makes for quite the viewing pleasure, and I could definitely see this on the front of someone's T-Shirt.


Thank you again for the great share in style, my friend; keep up the great work!
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"qui qui sont les snorky ? les supers gentils !"

well, the nose of the smurf is not round enough, but else, it would be mostly like old Peyo style :)
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edtropolis|Professional Digital Artist
I was going for the old Peyo style actually...so I guess that worked out eh? =D
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Yupasama's avatar
ho yes, it worked.

the snorky girl has also that "french-belgium" comic style.
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snorks and smurf two off old cartoons in holland i all ways look at damn on the t.v two
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Gazzycakes|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes :) Snorks and the Smurfs. You know, did they ever do a cross over? I kinda always hoped they would for some reason when I was a kid.
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DisneyMaster|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hope this doesn't end up like that Robot Chicken sketch.
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KentaruZ|Professional Writer
awesome! :D
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