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day jobs

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Where have Schooly and Shelly gone?  They're still here baby!!  Only they got jobs now...^^; enjoying the countless responsibilities and hardships of the food court. 

I must say this pic almost didn't make it, but by golly I put an old school scarfy-bonnet thing on Shelly and she just looks so damn cute with I went with it.  Boy, Schooly you better get off her tray if you know whats good for you... =D anyway more to come soonish, OC's RULE!!
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What, no onion? XD
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Serving him up on a platter. Awesome. ^^
Shelly looks just a wee bit annoyed so he
might want to get get down. XD
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"OC's RULE!!"
Indeed they do.  Nice to see you drawing yours again! :)
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Thanks, they really do need some attention...=P
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Glad to see them again after so long.  Schooly does kinda look like he can make a mean hamburger, lol.  I'd give it a shot~
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Perhaps someday you can try out the "Schooly Special..." =D
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What is this Schooly Special XD.
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I suppose...kinda like a Dagwood...only with more mustard...=P
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