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...collect them ALL!

By edtropolis
OKAY...ITS DONE. bunneh icon15

And holy CRAP that was a lot of characters to color and render...kinda. =P  Anyway, this was supposed to be done a week ago, but my procrastination got in the way and it is now so shut up. XD  A tribute to the big ol ten-oh on my dA page which happened almost last week, and since I got myself a new avatar, might as well put in a new ID too!

Its a pic that pretty much says: "NO one is safe from the twisted imagination of Edtropolis...NO ONE!" 8D  Please comment, fav, subscribe, give me a dollar or whatever it is people do now online...and to commissions!

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Hey dude :iconedtropolis: guess what......

I support the shipping of Rocky and Minerva. Here's one but it's old Melba, eat yer heart out by DivineSheep

.....However they claim that she only likes hunks or rich guys. 
a couple of questions because sonic does not appear and because marge simpson yes yes she is the worst of all the simpsons
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I have never seen a more perfect profile picture.  'v'
0-DarknesShade-0's avatar
spaghetti-dinner's avatar
What am i looking at

Tygepc's avatar
Woot! Way to go on making the big 1-0.
TheBMeister's avatar
I know this mustve taken forever to do ^^;
But hey it definitely turned out amazing <3 *v*
Gotta love Rocko btw x3
ssfactor's avatar
Thank you for cute embarassed nekkid tails butt :iconblushplz:
I like how all your figures look very fleshy and organic...i'm not sure how to explain it...i'm no good with words...

(And of course, there are so many other of my favorite female characters depicted here aswell, but the list would go on and on :D so i'll spare you.)
edtropolis's avatar
Hey, its YOU again!

Heh, I thought you would enjoy S Tails' bare bottom...X3  How have things been for you?  Still making art and whatnot? :)
ssfactor's avatar
Hiya ed x'3
Sure do, who can resist the cuteness of s-tails tushie x'3
Things have been alright, it had been mostly commissions lately, because i felt my personal art just didn't cut it, and then, kind of gave up.
But i had been thinking of picking art back up (personal art x'D)
Even picking up art books and didactic material and trying to practice on my own...surely, it can't hurt?

Anyway thanks for checking up on me :iconblushingplz: it means a lot to me.
I am happy that you remember me...i hadn't dropped by your gallery, because of my own personal hang-ups, which was stupid, because i missed your lovely art, over nothing

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I'm gonna put them all inside a Pokeball:heart::heart:
kaokao1's avatar
Best collection ever! :happybounce: 
Q99's avatar
Favs- Ryo-ohki, the Sonic chars ^^
MixtureDre's avatar
Lynchenberg's avatar
Cannibal Holocaust.
dragonsteincole's avatar
All those lovelies and barely a set of clothes between them! just the way it should be :D
edtropolis's avatar
Now and forever baby!!  Clothing optional! =D
SafeGaming89's avatar
Wow, that is beautiful! You and your style when it comes to self-exposure. *^^*
Nice job with the many cartoon characters you included too. :)
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This is the content I come here for!
FOX-POP's avatar
sssswwweeeeeeeeeeeet! =U=
edtropolis's avatar
I thought you'd like this one! ;)
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