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Judy nudey

Judy doodle I did some time ago, might as well post it here to tide things over until I get my commission done. ^^

Incidentally, this is part of pose set I did as a reward for my 10 dollar tier if anyone is interested in seeing the whole thing along with many MANY other goodies, it'll be right here. ;)
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This is quite good actually,

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She’s having a hard time adjusting to the nudist colony. Xp

Nick würde sich freuen

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Where the real carrot goes. ;)
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Still not used to the Naturist Club, huh?
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What she doing with that carrot tho?
Megumisguy's avatar
Is that a carrot in your hand or did you just miss me?
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"Does this make you uncomfortable? Because if so, there is no shame in calling it quits."
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Some nice work here.

Love the hell outta this pose!

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Jude the Nude xD

I wonder where she keeps her pen?
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In the rabbit hole. :)
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Now that we've got a nudie Judy does that mean sometime we'll see a Nick dick?
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If there is a demand for it maybe... ;)
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She's just a great ENF overall
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