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kings and queens


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Lady with an earring in blue


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the Duskbringer

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MerMay 2020 Tarot - 0. The Fool

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Frost Fairy

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He Lies in the Snow


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Oil Painting - The Portrait in Layers

Traditional Art Week In this article we will present a method of oil painting which utilizes individual layers to solve a problem at a time. Although well known, I can only call it a modified version, since painting methods varied greatly among schools and teachers. Disclaimer The following is based on one of my lecture demonstrations. I used a self portrait by Anthony Van Dyck as a subject to apply this method, the goal being not to copy. His work is an exceptional example to learn from, it is soft and gentle enough yet bold and painterly where appropriate. I must emphasize that this is not a representation of how Van Dyck painted. However

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Sea Witch

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Viking premium


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The Phylactery of Koschei the Deathless

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dancing unicorn

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Tragicomix - the Gaul Warrior

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kings and queens

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Deep Blue Sea

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Elsa portrait, fanart 2018

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Hatred: Confessions Of An Atheist

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Team: Timofey

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Honour of the Gods 02 UNRESTRICTED


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Deconstructing Wonderland

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0618 The frolics of the swan

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Border Collie Scratchboard

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Middle-earth: Journeys in Myth and Legend

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Mass Effect - Garrus and Shepard

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F line sketch

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Blue Eyes


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Portrait of Madame M

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Art Nouveau Turquoise Headdress

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20151227 Psdelux Brush Pack Psdelux

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Wyvern Hunting


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Mother Nature

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Vampire Princess

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Red and black

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Angles and Curves

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Deimos and Sloane

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Exodus - Launch approval(animated)

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Build A Church

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Calculating Probabilities

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Vampire's Night

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Past and present Leia ~ May the force be with you

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Cosplay Jack Frost

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Fairytale Adventurers


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