Pony OC Give Away

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By Edowaado
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Hey guys, It's time for another give away!

''A give away? Again so soon? But why?''

Because I freaking love you guys. That's why. Also I haven't drawn ponies in a while haha.


:bulletred: There will be three winners again.

The prizes will be a pony OC of your choice to be drawn in My Doctor Whooves Comic Style 
Commission: Cincofleur by Edowaado LampKnapp: Neon Shimmers by EdowaadoForesight by Edowaado

It could also be a Griffon, Dragon or any other related race from the show.

Of course if you don't have any mlp-related OCs, I can always draw a human character OC instead!

:bulletred: There are only two rules

1) Fave this Journal
2) Be a Watcher (Doesn't matter if you're new or old!)

I will pick a winner from the list of people who've faved this journal by using a random number generator. Winners will be announced around 1st-2nd May.

Optional: Check out some of my Pony-Comics 

Doctor Whooves-This Is Where It Gets Complicated 1 by Edowaado  Dan vs Bronies - Intro Part 1 by Edowaado  Guys Night Out by Edowaado  Guys Night Out 2 by Edowaado  Guys Night Out 3 by Edowaado  Foresight - I'm Not Your Hero - Part 1 by Edowaado

Though I'm sure most of you have already haha. I really should get back to the Dan vs Bronies!

Anyways thanks again for sticking with me, and good luck!

 - Ed
© 2015 - 2021 Edowaado
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0.0 oops looks like i was too late!
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Seems like you have some time off then.
I love the comic so far and hope you keep making it.
Anyway good luck to everyone who is taking a chance in this contest.
Of course as everyone else I would like to win to.
But its never about the winning, its always about enjoying the contest.
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um if you could please.
um my oc is my icon.
And um im both your comics rock. 
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I'm already a watcher, and I've :+fav:'d this journal :aww:
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Neat! You rock. ^_^
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Congratulations to the winners, whoever they may be...
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apart of the journal part, I've already done all of that .-.
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Man these comments exploded. 
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WooHoo! Pony giveaway!
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Hope I get picked.
BlueAquamarineSpark's avatar
Looks awesome, count me in!
Furca-Sierra's avatar
That lookes interesting!
Brain-Twinge's avatar
Wishing everyone the best of luck. Your art is awesome, Edowaado. :)
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Faved and watch!
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Nice! Good luck to everyone!
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