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I really missed you all! I'll do my best to post on a more regular basis, until then, thanks so much!
Hey guys! I'll be attending Galacon 2017 holding a panel saturday titled ''Common Drawing Mistakes you Make'' at Panel Room I
(Silchersaal) 15:45. 

- Common myths people belief about art.

- Why everyone can learn it

- Easy techniques that don't just let you draw ponies, but everything you see.  (pen measuring technique)

- Common pitfalls

- Motivation vs Discipline

- Why only 2 hours of drawing is better than drawing 8  hours at once.

- Quick Color Theory (etc. how to make shadings more believable and lively and reflective light)

- Answer questions along the way

If any of you are going there, make sure to stop by and say hi if anything, that'll be lovely.

To be honest, I've always been nervous to start one. But with upcoming education and job I would be living a very tight schedule. Any little amount of support would help to avoid that and let me focus on creating more content for you. I would even be able to start on much bigger projects like continuing the Adventures of the Dark Demon Overlord, Error I'm Alive, etc, if I could skip my side jobs. I don't expect to earn a huge amount, but I hope in time it will grow. 

But I will continue to create as much content for as I possibly can. Your readership is something I value above all else. 

If you decide to support me, thank you, and I'll do my best to provide rewards accordingly, W.I.P sketches, PSD files, OC drawings etc.
Hey guys just wanted to announce that I've created a tumblr. I'm uploading a bunch of old stuff, so it's really a wonderful trip down memory lane. I've also understood that it's easier to share content with tumblr. So let's just give it a try.

I'll also be answering questions there if there are any

invisiblemario17 is currently trying to assemble willing folks to participate in a comic dub for the Dan vs Bronies comic. If anyone is interested check out the casting call site over here…

That's all!
Hey guys, I will be on my way to the airport later today. I've found out recently that a bunch of my friends I've known online for 5-6 years now will be meeting at San Japan Con. They're actually the ones who introduced me into comic-making in the first place, so it's gonna be really sweet to see them for the first time. 

It's my first time going to America, but while I'm at the convention I'll make sure to take a lot of reference pictures for the Dan vs Bronies comic.

I'll be back the 4th if everything goes well!
It's time to announce the winners. Since there's been such a big respond to this kind of give away, I decided to add one extra secret winner

*Drum roll*

1) :iconmaestronepenthes9997:

2) :iconlink408zelda:

3) :iconspokenmind93:

Extra Secret Winner

4) :iconcartoondog12:

Thanks to everyone who participated. I really wish I had time to do something personal for every single one of you if only I had the time to thank you for sticking with me. Know that every one of you is appreciated and I'll do my damn best to entertain you. I really want to give back just half the amount of joy that you give to me everyday.

Since there's been such a positive respond for OCs, I will see what I can figure out in the near future :)

All the winners have been send a note and prizes are being worked on.

Have a great day!

- Ed
Hey guys, It's time for another give away!

''A give away? Again so soon? But why?''

Because I freaking love you guys. That's why. Also I haven't drawn ponies in a while haha.


:bulletred: There will be three winners again.

The prizes will be a pony OC of your choice to be drawn in My Doctor Whooves Comic Style 
Commission: Cincofleur by Edowaado LampKnapp: Neon Shimmers by EdowaadoForesight by Edowaado

It could also be a Griffon, Dragon or any other related race from the show.

Of course if you don't have any mlp-related OCs, I can always draw a human character OC instead!

:bulletred: There are only two rules

1) Fave this Journal
2) Be a Watcher (Doesn't matter if you're new or old!)

I will pick a winner from the list of people who've faved this journal by using a random number generator. Winners will be announced around 1st-2nd May.

Optional: Check out some of my Pony-Comics 

Doctor Whooves-This Is Where It Gets Complicated 1 by Edowaado  Dan vs Bronies - Intro Part 1 by Edowaado  Guys Night Out by Edowaado  Guys Night Out 2 by Edowaado  Guys Night Out 3 by Edowaado  Foresight - I'm Not Your Hero - Part 1 by Edowaado

Though I'm sure most of you have already haha. I really should get back to the Dan vs Bronies!

Anyways thanks again for sticking with me, and good luck!

 - Ed
Thanks so much for all the kind and supporting words making this third anniversary something I'll never forget. You guys are awesome and I want you to stay that way. And as promised without further ado, here are the winners of the anniversary give away

*Drum Rolls*

1) 1000 points to :iconwolfheroex: 

2) 400 points to :iconautoknight01:

3) 200 points to :iconkitzelthemuse:

Congratulations, You should all have received your prize by now. Hope you'll use them! 
There will be more give aways in the near future as well! But with different prizes to keep it fresh. So if you'll like to try again soon, don't worry! 

- I'll also like to use this journal as a chance to say goodbye to a watcher for now. :iconthewrightdefense: will be going on a mission for two whole years at the end of the week without having any access to electronic devices. He's made some entertaining comics as well such as

Tricky Magic: Part 1 by TheWrightDefense   The Royal Haircut by TheWrightDefense

Please be so kind to wish Jared farewell until his return!

And I'll see you guys again with new comics very soon as well!

Thank you again for three years of fun.

- Ed

Hey Guys! Today's the Third Anniversary of when I uploaded the very first page to my Doctor Whooves Comic. As a thank you for all the support I would like to give something back. I know it isn't much, but it's a start. I might do more give aways in the the near future.

There will be three winners.

1st Place: 1000 DA Points.
2nd Place: 400 DA Points
3rd Place: 200 DA Points

There are only two rules

1) You have to fave this Journal
2) Be a Watcher (Doesn't matter if you're new or old!)


Telling me in a comment which one of my finished comics you enjoyed the most : )

Doctor Whooves (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
I Care (Drama/Slice of Life)

I will pick a winner from the list of people who've faved this journal by using a random number generator. Winners will be announced around 9th April. 

Again thank you so much for sticking with me, it's been a blast!. Let's just try to have fun with this and here's to more comics in the future!

- Ed
I'm working on a little something. It's just small comic on 10-15 pages.

You can see concept art on my facebook if you're interested.…

Maybe give it a like if you want.
So today while I was busy drawing naked people posing at a croquis drawing class in my town a thought suddenly occured to me.
What if we stopped teaching history? Deleted all sources, in a few generations what would the world be like? We would still have computers and all the technological advances, but no one would know that World War II took place. Or any past war for that matter. 

Would it be like pushing somekind of reset button? Would it change anything? Or would the world still be the same? 

Just something I would like to hear your thoughts on. Might make for a good story. How much does history actually matter? Do we really learn from the past? One guy being the only one able to know what really happened in the past or something like that... History Man haha.

I know it's a silly and impossible concept, but yeah. If you had the ability to re-tell history (for better or worse). Would that make you a liar or some sort of god?

Ps: Stay in school kids

Unfortunately I won't be able to post it on devianart cos' a have to go to work now *yawn*

You can read it on webtoons however Please give it a final like!

It's titled ''Hello''…

Also I have made a facebook page. Will use it for sketches and spoilers.…
I just wanted to thank all so much for your kind words, support and encouragement for my webtoon comic ''I Care''. You're all amazing.

You can find more of the story here…

Edo Here by Edowaado…
You can find more of the story here…

And I would really appreciate your support! You can support this comic by either rating it (illustrated in this picture)

Edo Here by Edowaado…
Over time I've received a lot of wonderful fan-art of my Doctor Whooves comic from my readers.

If you have a fan-art as well you would like to be on the list just let me know!

Foresight by Blue-Uncia by :iconblue-uncia:  Cuore in me by ScissorsRunner by :iconscissorsrunner:

<da:thumb id="352821346"/> by :iconhawkfurze:  Birthday by tranvi by :icontranvi:

x.TIME TICKS, I MUST SAVE HIM.x by RadioactiveLilly  hashtag: couldn't resist by RadioactiveLilly by :iconradioactivelilly: Foresight FanArt by CarimelArt by :iconcarimelart:

Foresight by CeeJayPoni  Fortold by CeeJayPoni by :iconceejayponi: <da:thumb id="402690975"/> by :iconchrysophylaxcreates:

Cyber pony Humanfied (Background sketch 1) by Moones95 by :iconmoones95:  Happy birthday, Edowaado! by DronitaBy  :icondronita:

Lyra Heatstrings - the Cyberqueen by TheGoldenAquarius by :iconthegoldenaquarius:  Foresight and Falling Star by Steph95e by :iconsteph95e:

Fan of Foresight by MissSindy by :iconmisssindy:  I Know They Exist Sketch by violetandblaire by :iconvioletandblaire:

Dr. Whooves (and Lyra!) by afoxcas by :iconafoxcas: Happy Birthday doodle for Edowaado! by DragonsAndDreamscape by :icondragonsanddreamscape:
  Kylami and Error by Silverthe-Dragon by :iconsilverthe-dragon:  by :iconavizo-23:

Diamond Rose and plushy Foresight by Kaitkat123  Foresight and Diamond Rose- nuzzle by Kaitkat123 by :iconkaitkat123:

Foresight, The Doctor and Lyra by Ponbet10 by :iconponbet10:  Doctor Whooves Cover - Let The Journey Continue by TabbyDerp by :icontabbyderp:

Foresight by papao156 by :iconpapao156:

Thank you all so much.

- Ed
Hey there.

Been a bit unactive ever since I finished my Doctor Whooves Comic. I won't lie about that. Hope you guys have been doing well.
I've started working on a new comic project now. The progress is doing fine, but I would like to have a few parts finished before I start uploading anything.  

I'm also kinda debating whether I should keep posting in big parts (around 5-7 pages clipped together) like my Whooves comic, or if I should just post the pages individually (Like the Foresight Flashback story).

In any case, I hope you guys keep up with whatever life throws at you. 

- Ed

I'm the guy with in red hat and batman mask. 

Hey guys, thank you all for your kind words. I've been doing a lot of thinking on life and death, the meaning of life... It all just hit me like a bullet. So I thank you all for your support and understanding.

About the journal title. I'm not working on a continuation of Whooves. But :icontabbyderp: is. He's taking his own take on the story which I'm totally cool with. 

There's not much out yet, but you can find his comic here

Doctor Whooves Cover - Let The Journey Continue by TabbyDerp

I'll stay in touch

- Ed
Test 1,2,3... Oh great! It finally works!

Hey guys, I haven't been much in touch with you lately. I've had huge internet problems. I couldn't even upload something in my scraps before the connection broke. It's fixed now though.

There's been happening a bunch of things which cut my time for comics very short. Part-time job, school etc.

But that's not why I write this journal.

There's been a lot of sad news for me this past month. 

My host grandmother from Japan died in her sleep on March 1st. She was a fantastic person. Always cheerful and always selfless. She went shopping with me, gave me money on occasions, taught me how to make origami and so much more in the year I was an exchange student in Japan. She always treated me like her own grandchild. Having her gone is a great unfortune.

I've also been told that my uncle died of cancer in Romania two days ago. My godfather was also hospitalized this week due to his diabetus worsening.

On a last note I also received the saddening news that the russian translator Andrey Tretyakov of my Doctor Whooves comic
passed away at the Hospital after fightning with a long illness.

It's hard for me to believe he's gone too. I never knew him in person, but he was a great guy. Always helpful, always polite. He even teamed with some of his russian friend to make me this awesome birthday present 

Birthday by tranvi

Andrey has been very supportive and a great friend. He was a huge contributor to the russian brony-society. If you wish to give him your prayer's here is his dev-account  :icontranvi: 

I apologize for such a sad journal. All these news happened very sudden and I've never had to deal with death within friends and family until now. It's all very new to me and I honestly don't know what to think of this or how to progress it.
Maybe some of you have also been through similiar experiences? How did you handle it?

I'll stay in touch. Take care,

With Best Regards

- Ed