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Whenever I Get a New Watcher

And comments. I like comments. 

You guys make me happy.


While it's no gurantee, the more views, likes and ratings I get on there, the bigger my chances are to picked as a part-time webtoon artist. Your help would be very much appreciated.
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''I grow ever stronger..."
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Bodybuilders and weightlifters hate him! Become buff quickly with this one trick!
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based on this comic I feel like you should be a character in One Punch Man 
DoodletheExpoodle's avatar
Human Handsome Squidward is that you
ShiningDragoon107's avatar
Watchers gives you strength! Laughing 
R-A-B-G's avatar
Wow hope you didnt pull something you shouldnt have, Id think that would had hurt.
You just got a new watcher from this, just a few more and you'll be able to take on Chuck Norris xD
ZanarNaryon's avatar
BLASPHEMY. The only creature capable of taking on Chuck Norris is Segata Sanshiro. The dinosaurs tried once. Once
Sneshneeorfa's avatar
So does an Unwatch make you anorexic?
R-A-B-G's avatar
1 follow = more muscles
JJ-Snake's avatar
Now THIS is something I can relate to.
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I think I can  help you with this.  Can you use an extra llama?  Have a llama.
Edowaado's avatar
haha thanks! Have one in return.
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Why does the buff always make me laugh xD
Kujiiro's avatar
Haha, alright this one made me laugh. I feel this one lol.
DaiGuard78's avatar
I wonder what happens when you lose a follower?
Krisisis's avatar
I would like to watch you twice, but i can't :(
Edowaado's avatar
Wouldn't want me to explode either wayhaha
Mickeymonster's avatar
I know that feel brah. :'D
Easle-Darkpaws's avatar
this reminds me of "King" from 七つの大罪
JohnnyHedgehog1992's avatar
For me it's different, I'm so used to being unpopular that if I get a good comment or subscriber on youtube, I always go "Why?" and go all detective thinking about the logic behind that.

Not that I don't apreciate it, just don't get used to attention. XD
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Don't make him sad. You won't like it when he's sad.
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