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Yes I ship.

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Ember: excuse me
Gladioran's avatar
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In with the new and out with the old. Goodbye Sparity and hello Spike x Ember!
rangerkom's avatar
I admit, This would be me as leader.  
superswagmlg's avatar
Spike never got wings. Fuck you Hasbro.
Thunder200151's avatar
I thought in that episode the he will get wings but no hasbro fucked it up
AJR001's avatar
Ember's taken... :XD:
Well, only for about the next minute. Then you give her the scepter, so you're hers after that.
O_o.... guess I'll take Garble then.
Garble: What!? Whaddya want ME for!?
Ah dunno! Come ere!
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No pony touches the waifu of the Dragon Lord.
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"Besides... Seriously, Garble, do you think that you could do that and live?"
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....Is it bad that when I look at Ember I almost see Undyne the Monster?
Ah saw it first. Sorry, bub.... >8)
trinson's avatar
I ship this.... but... I ship him with Rarity.  Oh I can't decided.  I am just so... so... um.... hmmmmm maybe SpEmIty.  Hmmm could work.  Yes... yes... could work.  ;P
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
Eh I don't see Spike as being sexist. Cute art though. 
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
The 'she's mine' bit. 
mater358's avatar
more of a "He likes her" sort of thing then sexism.
mater358's avatar
More of a Ship thing than sexism, spikes too silly and young to just flat out say he likes her.
SuperMarioFan's avatar
No no no no! Screw this! Spike would never say that about Ember, because he doesn't like her as anything more than a friend! Sparity forever, Spember never!
jasonanimation4's avatar
Seriously I mean Seriously I prefer Spember
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