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I swear I don't have a grudge on Celestia. I just couldn't help imagining this scenario though.

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i know is a joke but the stroll a no magic seal! so no make teleport to Princess Celestia! Spike Can't Teleport by his flame! only those with the seal! no seal = burned stroll! the show a show us spike set only stroll with seal! if is what the fan say like this joke, celestia will tell spike to only use his flame to set stroll but is not! plus i am sure spike need to focus to do it! remenber is like teleportion spell if you dont focus, you will teleport ramdomly!
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Hahahaha funny 😆
goldorakx69's avatar
What is funny of it? I only tell the true of Spike flame power!?
YumaTheMinecrafter's avatar
*Face-desk* KNEW IT!
Kuranue's avatar…

this is how i imagine the royal horse noises sound.
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:( (Sad) .....:| (Blank Stare)......:o (Eek) .....rofl 
MarchieDraws's avatar
I love how she visibly shakes and freaks out when the letter blinds her XD
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trinson's avatar
This is a great comic but what made me laugh the most over all of it was, "Royal Horse Noises".  I mean what would that even sound like.  :D
lupvirga's avatar
it's would sound something like this 

trinson's avatar
Hmmm... could be, but does not sound regal enough.  You know like "hand waving english queen on parade" regal. 
lupvirga's avatar
So it comes out in a British Accent?
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Now all I can picture is Celestia as Queen Horsey Time from… (57 second mark) , riding in a car at a parade.  Waving her front hooves as she says NNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEIIGGGGGGHHHHH in a hoity British accent.  :D
trinson's avatar
Actually in that situation it might be more, "@&#$^& this *$#)) scroll on my #*($% horn!"  ;P
RessurectedNightmare's avatar
I for some reason imagined her honking like a goose. I guess it's because she is the same color as the goose's feathers?
bazla1236's avatar
this is the same thing i though when i saw the episode 
LookOutHereComesTom's avatar
Hehe good one---I'd almost forgotten how Spike could send those scrolls; he hasn't needed to for a few seasons, now!
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