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The Life I Never Had

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Published: June 24, 2017
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This newest episode hit me right where it hurts. Loved it so much, this comic was inspired and based on a comment from /mlp/

For those who know my experience about grandparents and regret

Dear Grandma by Edowaado

Now go be the Granddad your daughter wanted you to be Grand Pear.

+ I'll be attending Galacon holding a panel about common drawing mistakes artists usually make : )



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I'm not crying .... I'm notRarity (cry) plz  
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This beautiful and so heartbreaking.
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AlphamonOuryuukenHobbyist Writer
The only thing that would have made this more heartbreaking is if the last letter that was sent to him was to alert him of his daughters passing and when the funeral would take place...
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I saw that episode,and read your comic ,both really sad and really good
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wolfyspiteProfessional Digital Artist
That episode was an emotional roller coaster for me. I cried and smiled. It was a very good episode, and your comic was a great way to look into her father's feelings. Very well drawn and written. 
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Fujin777Hobbyist Writer
Wonderfully done.
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Worst of all, his daughter never chose to leave the family to be with the stallion she loved, he made that choice for her
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bestpony666Hobbyist Writer
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Grand pear is regret for what he did but one day he take his courage in two houve and go in pony ville and learn the true and all he miss but is not too late to become the
Grand father he mose become in the memory of his dauther
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Tesla51Hobbyist General Artist
The true tragedy of the story. It's sad Bright Mac and Pear Butter are gone... but imagine the one who has to live with it. At least... he still has the chance to make up for it, even slightly if anything. One thing he can do before the final grain of sand in his mortal clock runs out; be the grandfather your family wanted you to be.
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BronyBurningAxeHobbyist General Artist
This is so well done, I love it. It's so emotional. I liked it so much that I made a fan dub of it. Here's the link, I credited in both the video and the description. - www.youtube.com/watch?v=e62ZSN…
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MemeMikaKnightHobbyist Digital Artist
A man could do many horrible things in life with no regrets, but he should never break his little girl's heart as their last true moment as father... And daughter...
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This is a WONDERFUL comic. It REALLY feels like something in the original episode script that had to be cut for time. I like how you don't reveal that she died or anything, it's just, like the episode itself, strongly implied. I still think we might get an episode revealing what actually happened someday. If/when we do there's no way this will become a contradiction (unless said episode makes its own Grand Pear flashback)
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Finally can see this without getting spoilers.

Excellent work.
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DawnsyBeboHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww this is so sad ;-; but so beautiful ;-;
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It's just painful because something like this, his guilt, it's pretty much canon. It's not some dark or tragic headcanon. This is 100% true to the characters. This 100% could've happened, and even part of it is real-- he never got to apologize or talk to her again. It was forever unresolved between father and daughter and... God. Emotions.
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Jyger85Hobbyist Writer
Rarity (cry) plz 
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I wonder what happened when he found out she'd passed away
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Probably something like this, but worse. The fact that he could not say goodbye to his daughter and left things unresolved is just as bad; that's something you never want to do with a relative before they pass away.
DaiGuard78's avatar
True. As they say "You never want to go to bed mad"
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"Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die."
DaiGuard78's avatar
Believe me I know. My family is full of grudge holders
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